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Policy in the Sphere of Quality at 1C‑Rarus Group

In respect of our clients:

  • We want that our clients will be as glad with the results of our work as to recommend us to other clients.
  • The Company provides only HIGH QUIALITY services to its customers:
    • we get involved only in that work, which can be accomplished within a deadline and with the sufficient quality;
    • we do not start work if we do not have any resources to accomplish it at the high quality level.
  • The Company is FAIR to its clients:
    • if the company cannot fulfil its responsibilities and meet customer needs, we shall admit it fairly and offer a solution that is acceptable to the customer;
    • we do not hide any negative consequences of work from our clients if such consequences take place;
    • we warn our clients in good time of any known troubles that might appear during our work;
    • we provide clients only with accurate information about our company, its achievements and possibilities;
    • we convince our clients to purchase services only if we are sure in their necessity for the client.
  • The Company is LOYAL to its clients:
    • in case of controversial issues when the opinion of our employee differs from the opinion of the customer’s employee , the Company will investigate the case objectively and impartially;
    • the Company is ready to correct mistakes, made within its work with its customers, even if it is connected with some financial costs for the Company;
    • the Company is ready to correct its mistakes even if the customer does not know about them or cannot prove their existence.
  • The Company management undertakes to:
    • identify and analyse customer needs;
    • act in accordance with the requirements of QMS, continuously improving its business processes to achieve better results.

In respect of our employees:

The Company Management is convinced that the quality customer service directly depends on the Company’s staff:

  • We are sure that the quality of work directly depends on the employee’s qualification. Therefore, the Company tends to improve its staff qualification level. It launches training and certification programmes and is ready to admit and encourage its employees’ achievements.
  • The Company believes that the turnover leads to a marked decrease of quality customer service and tries to keep its experienced specialists.
  • The Company believes that it is necessary to maintain HR discipline to provide high-quality customer service and will take measures to improve it.

Thus, the Company Management has a task to maintain, monitor and improve regular and relatively discrete activities, aimed at creation and support of the quality management system that is focused on adaptation, implementation, support, and training of 1C software end-users.

Such activities should promote better response to actual needs of 1C mass users and improve the reputation of the Company as well as the whole 1C community as a reliable, honest and profitable provider of automation systems.

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