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Automation of HRM and payroll on base of «1C:HRM and payroll» at «Swatch Group (Rus)», which engaged in retail of Swiss clocks
«Swatch Group (Rus)» company is engaged in retail of Swiss clocks. Automation of HRM and payroll at «Swatch Group (Rus)» was performed with use of «1C:HRM and payroll» software.

SIEMENS Management of Infrastructure and Possessions. Implementation of «1C:Accounting 8»
«Siemens Management of Infrastructure and Possessions» Ltd. is a branch of «Siemens» with its own legal status.

Aeroflot-Cargo. Accounting automation in «CJSC «Aeroflot-Cargo» company by «1C-Rarus: Corporate Finances Management 8» software
At October 26, 2005 Board of directors of OJSC “Aeroflot – Russian avialines” decided to create CJSC “Aeroflot-Cargo”. At April 19, 2006 CJSC “Aeroflot-Cargo” registered in Unified Register of Legal Entities of the Russian Federation. CJSC “Aeroflot-Cargo” has an operator’s certificate №500 of October 18, 2006 and it is a wholly owned subsidiary of OJSC “Aeroflot”.

Control of quantity and quality of exported and imported production (oil and oil products mostly) is the main business activity of SAYBOLT (CJSC “Petroleum Analysts” in Russia). SAYBOLT company is the member of such international organizations as: International Organization for Standardization, American Society of Testing Materials, Institute of Petroleum and other organizations.

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