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1C-Rarus Main 7 Business Activities

Cloud services 1C‑Rarus

Enjoyable remote work, worldwide in one system.

Complex automation on the platform of 1C:Enterprise

The project of complex automation is performed by specialists of 1C‑Rarus company in stage-by-stage way with signing of contracts and fixing of the acceptance of works for eachin accordance with project technology developed by 1C‑Rarus company on the basis of GOST 34-th series.


1C-Rarus company has the status of 1C:Franchisee since 1995. The company's clients always receive the quality services in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2015:

  • Professional assistance to our Customers in the selection of Software.
  • Implementation of the Software under requirements of the Customer.
  • Trainings for the Customer's employees on the work with Software.
  • Recurrent software update and support.
  • Hot line service.
  • Complex works on updating Customer's informational system to the new versions of software products.
  • Scaling of the system of the Customer to the new offices and branches.

1C Certified Training Centre

1C-Rarus Training Centre is one of the largest centers for training to work with 1C software, existing since 1996:

  • Certified Training Centre of 1C company (CTC) — from 2003.
  • Authorized certification centre of 1C company (ACC) — from 1999.
  • Authorized training centre of 1C company 1C (ATC) — from 1996.
  • Educational-methodical centre of Professional accountants institute of Russia (EMC – 572) — from 2006.
  • Training courses on the 1C:Enterprise system are certified by the 1C company and are intended for users, programmers, system administrators.
  • 1C Accounting 8 and 1C Payroll and HR Management 8 training courses are involving to special courses system of Russian Institute of the Professional Accountants.
  • Training Centre is involved in the ISO 9001:2015 international quality management system.
  • Training is conducted by highly qualified and certified by 1C specialists and with practical experience in teaching and innovative activity.


  • 1C-Rarus Innovation Centre has the status of 1C:Distributor since 1995.
  • Company 1C‑Rarus has a broad network of partners in Moscow and regions of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.
  • The Company constantly conducts training courses for the transfer of advanced technologies with the software to the Partners.

Standard Solutions for the Industries

1C-Rarus Company offers standard solutions for 17 industries:

  • Representative offices and branches of foreign companies
  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • SMS-mailing
  • Auto Business: Auto Outlets and Auto Service (Tech Centers)
  • Government organizations
  • Hospitality
  • Health
  • Investment and management company
  • Furniture companies
  • Meat plants
  • Tank farms, gas stations
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Poultry farm
  • Catering
  • Retail
  • Beauty Salons
  • Agriculture
  • The construction business
  • Transportation, Logistics
  • Traders
  • Travel industry

Customers can receive a quality service in the region with the help of 1C‑Rarus partners!

A wide network of certified partners in the former of USSR Countries: Russia, CIS and Baltic Countries!

Retail automation

  • 1C-Rarus customers became more 7000 retailers from networks to single retail shops.
  • Thanks to our expertise the Company offers a range of unique technologies for retail businesses automation.
  • Model industry solutions.
  • POS-delivery systems, fiscal printers, bar code equipment.
  • Services for installations of computer networks, telephone installation, video surveillance, access control and anti-theft systems.
  • Creation and maintenance of an information system in the enterprise customer.

Computers, Servers and network solutions

The Network Solutions Division works in 1C‑ company's from founding — since 1994.

The Network Solutions Division provides technical support of Hardware and System Software for 1C System.

Developing technology to build optimal Hardware and System Software Complexes for the 1C:Enterprise platform

  • Integrated network solutions and structured cabling system (SCS).
  • Advice to best choice of the solutions.
  • Supply of computers, servers, networking, peripherals and telephony.
  • Subscription service for computers and local area networks maintenance.

1C-Rarus Certificates and Diplomas

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • 1C:Franchisee Certificate
  • 1C:Distributor Certificate
  • Certificate of 1C:Authorized Training Center
  • Certificate of 1C:Certified Training Center
  • Corporate Member of Russian Professional Accountants and Auditors Institute http://www.ipbr.org/
  • Certified ACS-1C:Professional
  • 1C:Consulting Certificate
  • Competence Center of Government Accounting automation
  • Competence Center of Construction automation
  • Competence center for Trade automation
  • Competence center for the Production automation

1C-Rarus Company annually takes part in more than 90 specialized computer and trade exhibitions.

Diplomas from the regular exhibitors: SofTool, Accounting and Audit, World Trade, PIR, Restaurant's World, Shop design, MALL, Showroom, Pharmacy, Photoforum, Intercharm, MosShoes etc.

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