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1C:ERP World Edition

Modern and powerful 1C solution for the holistic automation
of all enterprise processes

Monitoring and analysis of the business indicators

  • Sets an unlimited number of performance targets and different options of their analysis
  • Monitoring of the target indicators with the possibility of decrypting the initial data
  • A variety of graphs and charts, visualization of reports for analysis
  • Automatic mailing to users


  • The input of budgets with extra dimensions
  • Draft and design of scenarios
  • Economic forecasting of financial indicators
  • Targets and goals achievement analysis
  • The decryption of the actual budgeting data with business transactions break-down
  • Ability to use actual and estimated data to plan the future periods


  • Payment calendar
  • Managing the targeted funds usage and setting up the limits
  • Accounting of credits, loans and deposits
  • Assistant in comparison of internal settlements
  • Use of approval stages in payment requests
  • Acquiring

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

  • Programmable chart of accounts
  • Flexible guidelines to create postings by using groups of financial accounting calculations, products, funds, income and expenses
  • Set-up of the posting template for business transactions of operational accounting
  • International financial accounting reports
  • Tools to independently configure and create reports for the preparation of the financial statements

CRM and marketing

  • Ability to track interactions with customers
  • Sales business processes
  • Rewards, membership cards, flexible discount system
  • BCG matrix
  • ABC/XYZ product analysis 
  • Customer and product segmentation, selection of business-related regions to analyze the sales
  • Work with complaints
  • Managers’ performance evaluation

Supply chain

  • Warehouse establishment and production demands
  • Making orders to suppliers, tracking the execution of supply terms
  • Procurement forecasting based on sales plans, production plans, and customer orders 
  • Support of the various methods of goods receipt from supplier
  • Drafting the charts of supply and payments
  • Monitoring and automatic saving of the suppliers’ prices when posting supply documents

Warehouse and inventory management

  • Ability to create a graded warehouse structure, warehouse bins usage
  • Inventory control and warehouse stock support
  • Ability to use a separate inventory accounting in warehouses
  • Delivery management tools
  • Versatile workplaces for warehouse employees
  • Accounting of goods at warehouses by batches, series and expiration dates
  • Automatic selection of the best storage spot during placement and assembly process

Sales management

  • Wholesale off the warehouse and MTO of goods, reservation of goods
  • Ability to set individual sales rules for a customer or standard rules for customer segments
  • Submit business offers to customers
  • Sales progress monitoring, including the sales pipeline
  • Automation of retail sales: integration with trade equipment, management of products range, price tags and barcode labels printing
  • Customer self-service
  • Flexible terms of pricing

Production management

  • Two levels of production management: head and local dispatchers
  • Production planning interval
  • Specification of resources describing the process of goods production
  • Analysis of the equipment and tangible resource availability within an interval
  • Route mapping
  • Order execution prioritization
  • Production schedule planning

Expense management and net cost calculation

  • Accounting of tangible, labor and financial costs
  • Ability to calculate a preliminary net cost
  • Expense accounting in terms of cost and quantity
  • Operational quantitative accounting of resources in an unfinished production process
  • Support of different methods to distribute expenses
  • Detailing the net cost of production to initial costs
  • Configured reporting for financial results tracking

Repair management

  • Preparation, planning and control of work on prevention of downtime, and control of the equipment condition
  • Accounting of the equipment output volume
  • Maintenance Planning


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    Quick Start:

    Implementation and launch of the system
    within 3–4 months

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    Flexible business processes adjustment
    for company specifics

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    Access Options

    • Web browser
    • Terminal access
    • Installation on a local PC
    • Installation on mobile devices
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    User-friendly Interface

    Multilingual user interface in:

    • Russian
    • English
    • Polish
    • Italian
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    Integrated Approach

    High system application efficiency

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    Affordable ownership and support costs

How we work

How we work

The economic impact of the implementation

  • The economic impact of the implementation
    • Improving the quality of management decisions by using additional control
    • A decrease in shortages and misuse of funds by increasing the business process transparency
  • The economic impact of the implementation
    • Reduction of inventory volume due to the correct estimation of the necessary stock and minimization of unsaleable goods
    • Growth of the inventory turnover rate due to the increase in the quality of goods assembly and the speed of the warehouse operations execution
  • The economic impact of the implementation
    • Production processes automation leads to a decrease in wage costs and increase in performance efficiency
  • The economic impact of the implementation
    • Reduced costs for obtaining licenses for individual programs by implementing a holistic software
    • Reduced hardware costs by decreasing the amount of the required hardware

Integration with
different systems

Integration with different systems

Finance, management accounting,
performance monitoring:

1С:Accounting, 1С:Document management, 1С:CRM CORP, 1С:Bitrix

Digital banking system,
mobile applications, etc

Trade and warehouse
equipment (PDT, POS terminal)

Online stores, websites

The ability to use tools for automatic upload of currency exchange rates and banks classifiers


  • 1C:ERP. World Edition

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. Server (x86-32)

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. Server (x86-64)

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. Mini Server*

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. Server (x86-64)

    • *” — 5 users limit, no upgrades availible to 32 or 64 server/Пять пользователей максимум, не предусмотрена возможность апгрейда на сервер 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. Server (x86-32) или 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. Server (x86-64)

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 1 сoncurrent user

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 5 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 10 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 20 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 50 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 100 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 300 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 500 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 1 сoncurrent user

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 5 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 10 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 20 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 50 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 100 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 300 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 500 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Mobile. 1 сoncurrent user

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Mobile. 5 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Mobile. 10 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Mobile. 20 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Mobile. 50 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Mobile. 100 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Mobile. 300 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Mobile. 500 сoncurrent users


System updates

10% of license cost

  • Timely receipt of configuration and platform update
  • Access to the system description and guidance paper
System updates

Update + Consultation on Standard Functionality

20% of license cost

  • A dedicated consultation line in Russian and English
  • Working hours: 9:00-21:00 (Monday through Friday)
  • Consultation time: up to 30 minutes
Update + Consultation on Standard Functionality

Individual approach

Client-centric approach

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Handling tickets
  • Development of functions
  • IT audit and performance optimization

Maintenance options:

  • Monthly user maintenance depending on the selected service catalog
  • One-off jobs with the involvement of experts from various fields and specialist areas
Individual approach

Our customers

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Сustomers reviews

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1C:ERP 2.0 • 50 workstations • Russian Federation

1C:Enterprise 8.ERP 2 has allowed to display the actual data and prepare reports for management accounting, bookkeeping and accounting under GAAP.

Polyus Logotype
1C:ERP 1.3 • 250 workstations • Russian Federation

Supply chain and stock management had been automated during the project run according to the methodology, developed together with the KPMG consultants.

Optika Cronos
1С:ERP • 250 workstations • Russian Federation

86 optics stores have been automated, starting with the process of diagnostics, custom production, and finishing with the sale of products through the vending machines. The company chose 1C:ERP to be a single corporate information system.

1С:ERP • 150 workstations • Russian Federation

The Solopharm company provides a full production cycle from research and development (R&D) to manufacturing a finished drug. It uses the most advanced technologies, best in terms of quality and formula effectiveness. The project led to optimization in resource planning and financial management.

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