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Software product

Software product

Ask an account manager about licensing rules. Standard solutions require the purchase of the main configuration and client licenses for the platform. Industry solutions also require the purchase of additional industry licenses.

Standard delivery of software

  • 1С:Corporation*

  • 1C:Document Management

  • 1С:Payroll & HRM*

  • 1C:Corporative Performance Managment*

  • 1C:Complex Automation

  • 1С:Trade Management*

  • 1С:Accounting*

  • 1С:Retail*

  • 1С:ERP+CPM

  • 1С:Accounting CORP & IFRS*

  • 1С:Enterprise Platform*

*” — The product interface doesn’t support English

*” — 5 users limit, no upgrades availible to 32 or 64 server

Industry solutions

  • 1C-Rarus:WMS

  • 1С-Rarus:Restaurant Management*

  • 1C:Enterprise 8. Logistics, Freight Forwarding And Transportation Management*

  • 1С:ERP Meat-Processing Enterprise Management*

  • CEOboard

  • Alfa-Auto:Car dealership + Auto service + Auto parts*

  • 1С:ERP Construction Enterprise Management*

  • 1С:CRM

  • 1С:Hotel

  • 1С:Bitrix*

  • 1С:ITIL*

  • *” — The product interface doesn’t support English

    “*” — The software is meant for use outside of the Russian Federation and CIS. If you wish to use the software in the above listed countries, we may need to obtain an approval from 1C-International.

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