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Financial Management

1C‑Rarus:Financial Management

Profits increase and market expansion under your control


International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

  • Flexible accounting policy customization
  • Configurable chart of accounts
  • Flexible IFRS postings customization according to differents types of financial transactions: income, expenses, funds and others
  • Parallel accounting of fixed assets, intangible assets, loans and borrowings, leased assets in accordance with RAS and IFRS
  • Audit trail — step-by-step tracking of financial transactions
  • Intercompany accounting
Budgeting Budgeting


  • Both manually and automatically multi currency budget inputs with extra dimensions
  • Configurable budget scenarios
  • Flexible customization of budget approval processes
  • Forecasting financial indicators and plan future budget periods
  • Updating budgets with actual data
  • Tools to independently configure the structure of reports for the preparation of financial statements
  • Comparative analysis in budgeting with actual financial transactions data break‑down


  • Cash-flow planning
  • Payment limits settings with extra dimensions
  • Flexible customization of requests approval processes
  • Targeted funds usage analysis
  • Company liquidity management
  • Payment schedule
  • Acquiring


  • Standard reports: Trial Balance, Account Trial Balance, Account analysis, Account card and other reports
  • Translation reports: Translation Report Posting, Report on Mapping Settings, Document Recording Analysis
  • Consolidated and individual international financial accounting reports
  • Universal Financial Report — independent templates configuration tools for the preparation of financial statements


  • Quick Start

    System implementation and launch in 1‑3 months

  • Flexibility

    Flexible user settings for company specifics

  • Data consolidation

    Consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS

  • User-friendly Interface

    • Both Russian and English user interfaces
    • Simplicity in familiarizing by users
  • Access Options

    • Web browser
    • Terminal access
    • Installation on a local PC
  • Support

    • Affordable ownership and support costs
    • Simple functionality development of configuration

How we work

  • Economic impact

    Understanding the business and project goals

  • Economic impact

    Business process analysis

  • Economic impact

    Define the architecture and project scope

  • Economic impact

    Implement the project by model

    • WaterFall
    • Agile
  • Economic impact

    Go live

The economic impact of the implementation

  • Economic impact
    • Increasing the quality and reducing the time for making managerial financial decisions
    • Improving the reliability and speed of obtaining final financial statements
  • Economic impact
    • Reduction of inventory volume due to the correct estimation of the necessary stock and minimization of unsaleable goods
    • Growth of the inventory turnover rate due to the increase in the quality of goods assembly and the speed of the execution of warehouse operations
  • Economic impact
    • Improving productivity
    • Manual preparation and documents maintenance elimination
    • More efficient financial and credit resources use
    • More accurate cost accounting
  • Economic impact
    • Reduced costs for the obtainment of licenses for individual programs by implementing a holistic software
    • Reduced hardware costs by decreasing the amount of the hardware required

Integration with different systems

The ability of integration with other software

Simple seamless integration with systems based on the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform

Integration with different systems

The ability of integration with other software

    Simple seamless integration with systems based on the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform

  • Digital banking system, etc.

  • Trade and warehouse equipment (PDT, POS terminal)

  • The ability to use tools for automatic upload of currency exchange rates, classifiers of banks and address classifiers

  • Integration ability with almost any external accounting software

  • Websites


    • 1C-Rarus:Financial Management. Budgeting

    • 1C-Rarus:Financial Management. IFRS

    • 1C-Rarus:Financial Management. Budgeting + IFRS

    • 1C-Rarus:Financial Management 1 сoncurrent user

    • 1C-Rarus:Financial Management 5 сoncurrent users

    • 1C-Rarus:Financial Management 10 сoncurrent users

    • 1C-Rarus:Financial Management 20 сoncurrent users

    • 1C:Accounting CORP

    • Server licences

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. Server (x86-32)

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. Server (x86-64)

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. Mini Server*

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. Server (x86-64)

    • *” — 5 users limit, no upgrades availible to 32 or 64 server

    • Prof licences

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 1 сoncurrent user

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 5 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 10 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 20 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 50 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 100 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 300 сoncurrent user

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Prof. 500 сoncurrent user

    • Corp licences

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 1 сoncurrent user

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 5 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 10 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 20 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 50 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 100 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 300 сoncurrent users

    • 1С:Enterprise 8. Corp. 500 сoncurrent users


  • General approach

    Annual and quarterly subscriptions

    • regular receipt of configuration and platform update
    • access to the system description and guidance paper
    • a dedicated consultation line in Russian and English
    • working hours: 10:00-19:00 GMT+3 (Monday through Friday, excl. holidays and weekends in accordance with Russian Federation Production Calendar)
    • consultation time: up to 15 minutes per one consulatation; up to 2 hours per month
    • response time is one working day
  • Individual approach

    Client-centric approach

    • Scheduled maintenance
    • Handling tickets
    • Development of functions

    Maintenance options:

    • monthly user maintenance depending on the selected service catalog;
    • one-off jobs with the involvement of experts from various fields and specialist areas

Our customers

Hines Panini Leo
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Using a new information system, the company could automate bookkeeping, financial and tax accounting, significantly reduce labor input for the preparation of accounting documents, as well as labor costs for update and support of the software application. The IFRS module makes it possible to generate postings under international standards in a timely manner. As a result of the integration of all financial services, the Company can control its financial performance.


Barabanov Pavel Aleksandrovich

Software Implementation Manager

We express gratitude to 1C-Rarus for our mutually beneficial collaboration and qualified service provided for the task solution. It is a great pleasure to work with highly experienced specialists who can provide professional services at the top level.


Galaburda I.V.

General Director OOO LEO Pharmaceuticals Products (LLC)

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