Enjoyable remote work,
worldwide in one system

Cloud Services

Enjoyable remote work, worldwide in one system


  • Remote work

    Work in 1C via the Internet.

  • Security

    Your data is safe and secure.

  • Savings

    You don't have to buy 1C software and relevant hardware.

  • Easy start

    Send a request and start working within 24 hours.

  • Automatic updates

    1C system upgrade the same day new update is released.

  • Quick access

    A new employee gets 1C access in 30 minutes.

Special offers

Enjoy now — pay later

Enjoy free access only during winter 2021. Try a standard software 1C:Drive:

  • 1C:Document Management
  • 1С:CRM
  • 1C-Rarus:CEOboard
  • 1C:WMS

for free until 31.12.2020.

Do you have time? Use it to drive your business to success!

Special deal

Now is the time! Don't miss out and grab the offer before it's gone.

% of the subscription plan:

  • Standard software rent
  • Customized software rent

during the entire quarantine period in Your country.

Special price for 1C:Drive Clients

Special price for the 3-month subscription plan on working with 1C:Drive software programs in the Cloud!

Support paсkages

  • Standard software rent, image

    Standard software rent

    • Regular backups
    • Background upgrade
    • Work via the Internet

    Price depends on the following:

    • type of used product;
    • number of workspaces.
  • Customized software rent, image

    Customized software rent

    • Individual backups schedule
    • Upgrade based on individual calculations
    • Work via the Internet

    Price depends on the following:

    • type of used product;
    • number of workspaces;
    • % of product customization.
  • Managed-server, image

    Managed-server — service to configure 1C cloud server

    • Installing the 1С
    • Configuring DBMS
    • Configuring individual backups schedule

    Limitations: the product must be purchased.

    Server: rent is on the Customer's side. Customer can choose server provider.

* Applies only to standard configurations. Customized software has different subscription plans.

Software for rent in EC cloud

  • 1C:Drive

  • 1С:ERP World Edition (Beta)*

  • 1C:Document Management

  • 1С:CRM

  • 1C-Rarus:CEOboard

  • 1C:WMS

* Customers must get the software. We can cloudify and lease the licenses for the Client.

Four steps to start working

  • First step
    1. Choose a software and fill out the request form
  • Second step
    2. Get an e-mail with cloud credentials
  • Third step

    3. Check your access

  • Fourth step

    4. Enjoy your work

14 days

We care about data safety

  • Reliable servers

    Reliable servers 1C programs are installed up in the data center with availability of 99%.

  • Data safety

    We backup 1C databases on a daily basis. If you accidentally delete something, we'll get it right back.

  • Data security

    Data is exchanged over secured channels.

Сustomers reviews

We are very pleased with the results as all goals were achieved in a short period of time and without distracting a large number of employees. We managed to build business processes in the UK and Germany and implement them in the information system. This was necessary because the modern environment requires quick reaction and monitoring of the situation, especially on new markets. This is simply impossible without an information system. This Project allowed us to build all operating activities abroad from the scratch according to the standards of the head office. The Project was carried out by a cross-functional team. It wa very successful, mostly thanks to the professionalism of the 1C-Rarus team, who showed the skills of fine communication, ensured a minimum of document workflow and observed strict control of deadlines and budgets. It was very interesting to take part in the creation of the 1C:DRIVE system as business experts. This experience will be useful for us, for the 1C-Rarus team, and for the 1C-International vendor. As a result, the system meets the maximum requirements for entering the foreign markets, and such an improvement of the standard product will optimize implementation costs.

Natalya Zueva

Natalya Zueva

Head of the Department of Development and Implementation of Business Applications


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