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Monitoring and Enterprise Performance Analysis

  • Visual representation of analytics with possibility of viewing detailed data
  • CEO can monitor the key financial figures using a PC
  • Keeping track of accounts receivables, credit debts, sales and cash-flow
  • Ability to view adjustable indicators and diagrams on a desktop

Financial Statements

  • Analysis of gross profit by products, customers and managers
  • Statements on the enterprise revenue and expenses
  • Statements on profits and losses
  • Trial Balance
  • Analysis of the sales net cost and production output net cost
  • Ability to independently adjust and create reports to prepare the financial statement forms

Sales planning

  • Set various planning periods
  • Perform planning for different groups
  • Plan vs. Actual sales analysis
  • Production planning on the basis of sales plan

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

  • Customer database, contacts and history of interactions
  • Planning and saving events and tasks
  • E-mail and SMS mailing
  • Prices, discounts, discount cards
  • Sales pipeline
  • Contractors and products segmentation
  • Keeping track of advertising leads


  • Accounting of cash and non-cash
  • Planning the cash-flow
  • Payment calendar
  • Swaps with banks
  • Settlements with accountable persons
  • Accounting of credits and loans
  • Acquiring

Payroll and HR management

  • Staff accounting
  • Payroll for time-based and piecework-based system of labor payment
  • Worksheets record
  • Algorithms adjustments for calculating earnings and deductions
  • Timesheets, staff schedule

Procurement Management

  • Purchases planning and calculation of average daily consumption
  • Establishment of warehouse and production needs
  • Accounting of purchases by suppliers, products, and orders
  • Stock control
  • Automatic saving of supplier prices
  • Accounting of additional purchasing expenses
  • Analytical reports and reconciliations with suppliers


  • Production accounting for a customer order or warehouse
  • Record of production details, including data about product composition and production process
  • Creation of production schedule
  • Accounting of finished and semi finished goods
  • Monitoring the component needs

Warehouse and Logistics

  • Inventory accounting at storages — receipt, transfer, shipment, returns
  • Inventory accounting at warehouses by batches and series
  • Bin warehouse logistics
  • Reserving goods
  • Control of stock and its movements
  • Warehouse equipment set up
  • Assembly and disassembly of goods
  • Making reports using different units of measurement

Sales Management

  • Wholesale and retail sales, commission trade
  • Kanban dashboard for working with commercial proposals
  • Flexible pricing system
  • Keeping a price list
  • Net cost calculation of goods obtained by FCFS system or by an average price
  • Set up of trade equipment


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    Quick Start:

    • Software setup for the customer’s processes in a user-mode
    • Usable interface for different user roles
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    Single system for operational accounting and financial statements

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    Extra dimension postings analysis

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    Integration with your accounting system:

    • Transaction export into Datev
    • File exchange
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    Exchange with digital banking:

    • File exchange
    • Export of billing documents
    • Import of bank statements
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    Support under SMUA:

    • Subscription to updates
    • Online consultation


  • 1C:Drive. Pack (Server (x86-64) + 5 concurrent users licenses)

  • 1С:Drive. 1 Concurrent User

  • 1С:Drive. 5 Concurrent Users

  • 1С:Drive. 10 Concurrent Users

  • 1С:Drive. 20 Concurrent Users

  • 1С:Drive. 50 Concurrent Users

How we work

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System updates

10% of license cost

  • Timely receipt of configuration and platform update
  • Access to the system description and guidance paper
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Update + Consultation on Standard Functionality

20% of license cost

  • A dedicated consultation line in Russian and English
  • Working hours: 9:00-21:00 (Monday through Friday)
  • Consultation time: up to 30 minutes
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Individual approach

Client-centric approach

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Handling tickets
  • Development of functions
  • IT audit and performance optimization

Maintenance options:

  • Monthly user maintenance depending on the selected service catalog
  • One-off jobs with the involvement of experts from various fields and specialist areas
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Our customers

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Сustomers reviews

We are very pleased with the result since all the goals were achieved in a short time and without distracting a large number of employees. This project allowed us to build all operating activities abroad from scratch according to the standards of the head office. The project was carried out by a cross-functional team. It was a success largely thanks to the professionalism of the 1C-Rarus team who showed the skills of fine communication, ensured a minimum of document workflow and observed strict control of deadlines and budgets.

Natalya Zueva

Natalya Zueva

Head of the Department of Development and Implementation of Business Applications

The automation of operations made it possible to obtain operational balances in warehouses by cells, generate reports for the parent organisation on sold combines and spare parts, and keep records of warranty repair parts.

Maria Ignat

Chief Operations Officer

The system made it possible to keep records of documents in digital form, analyse company's profitability, and monitor accounts payable and receivable.

Chief Accountant

Full-cycle accounting in 1C:Drive: import of goods, accounting of customs duties, VAT and customs broker services, and product tracking in different units of measurement. In the near future, we are launching our own manufacturing in Germany, and 1C Germany specialists help us automate the accounting processes in the system. Accounting and operational accounting, and uploading data to Datev for reporting will be done in a single system. In the future, we plan to receive and send reports to the tax office directly from 1C:Drive.

Vladislav Artamonov

Vladislav Artamonov

Director of Economy

The project allowed managers to delegate operational tasks to other employees and only check on their performance. Now there is more time for business development.

Yury Burenko

Commercial Director

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