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1C:Enterprise Resourсe Planning
1C:Enterprise Resource Planning
Up-to-date high technologies in production
1C-Rarus:Finance management
1C-Rarus:Finance management
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Global Business Management decorative image

Global Business

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  • 1C:CRM
  • 1C:Drive
  • 1C:Trade Management*
  • 1С:Retail*
  • 1C:Bitrix*
Supply Chain Execution decorative image

Supply Chain

Human Capital Management decorative image

Human Capital

  • 1C:Payroll & HRM*
  • 1С:KPI*
  • CEOboard
Small & Midsize Business decorative image

Small & Midsize

  • 1C:Drive
  • 1C:Trade management*
  • 1C:Accounting*
  • 1C:Accounting & IFRS*
Corporate solutions decorative image


  • 1C:ITIL*
  • 1С:Document management
Industry solutions decorative image


  • Alfa-Auto:Car dealership + Auto service + Auto parts*
  • 1C-Rarus:Restaurant management*
  • 1C:Hotel
  • 1C:Enterprise 8. Logistics, freight forwarding and transportation management*
  • 1C:ERP Meat-processing enterprise management*
  • 1C:ERP Construction enterprise management*

"*" — The product interface doesn't support English.


Manufacturing decorative image


  • Machinery & Professional
  • Fuel & Energy
  • Chemicals
  • Light industry
  • Forestry
  • Furniture
  • Publishing & Media
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  • Oil and gas
  • Precious metals
  • Precious stones
  • Coal
Financial services decorative image

Financial services

  • Investment funds
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Pension funds
  • Leasing
Trade decorative image


  • Trade
  • FMCG
  • Retail
  • Pharmacy
  • Optic
  • DIW
Telecommunications decorative image


  • Internet
  • Mobile
  • IT-services
  • Antenna masts & towers
Construction decorative image


  • Development
  • Buildings
  • Roads
  • Building repairs
  • Housing and utilities
Agribusiness decorative image


  • Horticulture
  • Livestock
  • Poultry
  • Meat packing
  • Food
Professional services decorative image


  • Audit & Consulting
  • Transportation
  • Cash-in-transit
  • Servicing
  • Design engineering


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Project Technologies decorative image


  • Waterfall
  • Agile
Services decorative image


  • Consulting
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Project implementation
  • System integration
  • IT project audits
  • Corporate support
  • Fault tolerance and performance improvement of IT systems
  • Website development
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  • System updates
  • Update & Consultation on standard functionality
  • Client-centric approach

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Business automation decorative image 30

years in business

Offices decorative image 18

offices in Russia,
Belarus, Germany,
Uzbekistan and Vietnam

Employees decorative image 2,700


Partners decorative image 3,900

partners in 230 cities
and 16 countries

Business applications decorative image 90

business applications
for 17 branches
of economics

Implementations decorative image 20,000

confirmed by customer

Projects decorative image 500

successfully completed
corporate projects

Awards decorative image Testimonials decorative image

awards, statuses,
customer testimonials,
in associations

We work around the world

Network of offices for software
development, implementation
and support

Сustomers reviews

Frisky Pony Logotype

1C:Drive • 10 workstations • Germany

Groceries Online business process automation from scratch E-commerce processes have been fully automated. Online store automation. Automation of warehouse and transport logistics, and document management with end buyers. An application intended for drivers to get daily tasks and change order statuses.

Emcab Logotype

1C:Drive • Germany

Full-cycle accounting in 1C:Drive: import of goods, accounting of customs duties, VAT and customs broker services, and product tracking in different units of measurement. Accounting and operational accounting are carried out and uploading data to Datev for reporting has been set up.

SPLAT Logotype

1C:Drive • 30 workstations • Great Britain, Germany, Hong Kong, Latvia, RF

All the goals were achieved in a short time and without distracting a large number of employees. This project allowed us to build all operating activities abroad from scratch according to the standards of the head office. The project was carried out by a cross-functional team.

Zarubezhneft Logotype

1C:Payroll & HRM • 130 workstations • Russian Federation

A unified methodology for maintaining staff records, office work and payroll has been implemented. A single corporate information system has been deployed and configured for the entire group of companies.

Zarubezhneft Logotype

1C:CPM, 1C:Accounting • 50 workstations • Russian Federation

Accounting and tax accounting have been automated. The system made it possible to upload automatic data templates on foreign assets into the Single Accounting System of Oil and Gas Contracts and set apart transactions on foreign assets as part of individual Business Units.

BSH Logotype

1C:Enterprise • 50 workstations • Russian Federation

Reclamation accounting system automation, accounting of discounted and recycled household appliances, transfers of damaged materials.


1C:Document management • 100 workstations • Russian Federation

1C:Document management has been chosen to organize the process of negtiating the contracts, appendices and specifications to them, to create the universal regulations of working with contractual documentation of different units, to improve the accountability.

SPLAT Logotype

1C:ERP • 250 workstations • Russian Federation

Supply chain and stock management had been automated during the project run according to the methodology, developed together with the KPMG consultants.

POLYUS Logotype

1C:ERP 1.3 • 250 workstations • Russian Federation

Supply chain and stock management had been automated during the project run according to the methodology, developed together with the KPMG consultants.

POLYUS Logotype

1C:CPM • 200 workstations • Russian Federation

Data consolidation of the Group's 38 enterprises, including foreign ones, has allowed receiving the consolidated statements under IFRS, MD&A, Board Pack, and generate the actual data under the EPS terms within 5 days.

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