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May 26, 2022

«1C-Rarus» creates tools for increasing sales and marginality in the largest optician network in the Urals

«1C‑Rarus» has completed a project to improve sales margins and State Optics customer service as part of Oblastnoy Aptechniy Sklad (Regional Pharmacy Warehouse). A unique accounting system for an ophthalmologist was created which allowed the retention of patient admissions records and reducing manual labor. It took only 3 months to move the code from the test environment to the production environment (go‑live).

Oblastnoy Aptechniy Sklad is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the South‑Ural region. In addition to wholesale and retail sales of medicines, the company sells retail ophthalmic goods, including glasses and lenses.

The company's retail network includes 21 separate subdivisions.

The management of Oblastnoy Aptechniy Sklad has set the following objectives

  • Create a tool to manage all prices across the network.
  • Aquire a method for accumulating and reusing customer contact details on visits and diagnostic results.
  • Reduce the cost of developing and maintaining customer service functions.

In order to solve these tasks, the Company has chosen «1C:Trade Management» and «1C:Retail 8. Salon of Optics» on the «1C:Enterprise 8» platform.

As the result of the tender, the «1C‑Rarus» company was chosen, and is now known as a reliable partner in the medical companies automation market.

Project Results

  • Increased sales volume and margin by improving customer service.
  • Development of mechanisms for the product price centralized management according to the company's strategy.
  • Increased warehouse turnover rates and reduced defect volumes through automatic restocking.
  • Extended stock items dimensions for statistical reports that are used to make management decisions and launch marketing activities.
  • Development of a method to capture, accumulate and reuse customer data.
  • Eliminating the problem of different prices at various outlets.

Economic effect of the project for the Optics business area

  • Reduced labor costs in the divisions: 30%.
  • Accelerated receipt of management statements: 70%.
  • Accelerated receipt of regulatory reporting: 10%.
  • Reduced operating and administrative costs: 15%.

Oksana Gutsol, financial director of Oblastnoy Aptechniy Sklad, assessed the project results as follows:

«Thanks to the joint work of „1C‑Rarus” specialists and Oblastnoy Aptechniy Sklad, we have managed to create a system to accumulate and reuse customer contacts. The automation of opticians was unique for us due to the speed and cost of implementation. In 3 months we created a completely new business model for optical stores, which is scalable, and management will take place directly from the office».

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