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November 25, 2021

1C-Rarus is in the top 3 vendors of CRM solutions according to CNews

In the rating of CRM‑systems in 2021, compiled by Market.CNews, 1C:CRM of the 1C‑Rarus company took the second line in the rating. Clients have access to the cloud and boxed version of the CRM‑system with a free test period of 14 days.

This event is of particular importance for the company, because during the pandemic, the need for CRM‑systems has increased several times, resulting in increased competition.

«The competition in the CRM‑systems market in the RF is high, — says Mikhail Lapin, head of the cross‑sector solutions department of 1C‑Rarus. — The fact that we have remained leaders all this time, since 2003, is our great success. Many thanks for this to the whole team working on the product. Our business goals for the next 5 years are to simplify the interface, reduce the business dependence on programmers, and enable customers to start using pre‑configured industry templates, as well as AI services».

In compiling this rating, analysts Market.CNews considered seven criteria, most accurately meet the needs of the market:

  • CRM‑systems functionality;
  • delivery formats;
  • the duration of the test period and limitations of the free version;
  • number of business area‑specific solution;
  • legal entity and charter capital;
  • number of active customers;
  • solution cost.

Yuri Khomutsky, director of the Market.CNews project, comments:

«We began to pay attention not only to the CRM‑system as such, but also to the legal side of things. Now we specify on behalf of which legal entities the solution is sold and what their authorized capital is. Some developers do not indicate this data on the site or do not specify in full. Thus, they open the field for us to operate, collect and analyze information».

Fortune Business Insight forecasts that the global CRM market will grow from $58.04 billion in 2021 to $128.97 billion in 2028.

In Russia, this market is also growing rapidly. According to experts, the subscriber base of paying users in the Russian CRM market will grow by an average of 25% annually until 2025.

«The growth driver for the CRM class solutions are the crisis phenomena in the economy and increased competition, — summarizes Mikhail Lapin. — But it is necessary to implement the CRM‑system before external or internal factors begin to have a negative impact on the company».

Learn more about 1C:CRM features and choose a suitable version from the managers of 1C‑Rarus, by filling out the «Contact us» form.

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