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February 11, 2021

1C-Rarus:Financial Management 3 obtains the certificate 1C‑Compatible

The 1C-Rarus:Financial Management 3 software has successfully completed the certification for obtaining the status: "Compatible! System of programs 1C:Enterprise". It’s intended to help companies in resolving problems related to planning, financial management and preparation of financial statements.

The 1C-Rarus:Financial Management 3 software product line allows you to automate financial accounting management, budget planning and control, treasury management and preparation of financial statements.

1C-Rarus: Financial Management 3 is an advanced tool for a company management team in knowing their company’s financial health and receiving time-sensitive data needed for making effective management decisions.

The 1С-Rarus:Finance Management 3 software products are successfully used for accounting workflow automation by several Russian companies and representatives offices of overseas businesses in Russia: Strategy Partners Group, Hines International, LEO Pharma Products, PANINI RUS Publishing House, The International School of Moscow, IVI online cinema, Saipem, and VFC.

1C-Rarus:Financial Management 3 Features:

  • parallel accounting in accordance with the Russian and International standards;
  • building the financial structure of the company;
  • developing and approving a master budget for your business;
  • multivariate analysis of variance of actual and planning figures;
  • cash — flow management;
  • preparing consolidated financial statements under IFRS;
  • financial and analytical reporting.

The technological core of the 1C-Rarus:Financial Management 3 software is Enterprise Accounting CORP edition 3.0 based on the 1С:Enterprise 8.3 platform.

The software is protected to prevent any unauthorised use and contains code fragments that cannot be changed by the user.

The "1C-Compatible" certificate ensures that the software works properly on the 1C platform.

To learn more about the software, fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form.

1C-Rarus:Financial Management 3 obtains the certificate 1C-Compatible

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