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Atomenergomash Group of Companies

Atomenergomash Group of Companies

Company of ROSATOM To 1С-Rarus CEO Kazachkov D.

Customer Testimonial

AEM Group, AEM is a machine building division of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation. The company manufactures basic equipment for nuclear and thermal power plants, shipbuilding, gas and petrochemical industries. It comprises 30 power machine building enterprises, including engineering, manufacturing and construction and mounting organizations. To automate the pre-contract preparations and improve sales efficiency in the engineering division of Rosatom State Corporation under the Atomenergomash supervision, the decision has been made to implement the 1C: Enterprise 8 CRM software.

As a result of the competitive purchase procedure, 1C-Rarus has been chosen as an integrator experienced with the automation of accounting based on 1C: Enterprise 8 software and the CRM system implementation.

The implementation of the 1C:Enterprise 8 CRM PROF allowed the company to automate the following:

  • Division Sales Management
  • Management of Contractor’s Base (clients, partners, competitors)
  • Reference data management
  • Analytical reporting
  • Monitor od activities (for top managers)
  • Knowledge base of marketing information

The project was deployed with the help of the step-by-step project techniques. At the stage "Beta testing" the technique Agile was used.

Within the project 1C-Rarus’ experts have completed the following pieces of work:

  • Requirements analysis has been done
  • The following documents have been developed: project charter, conceptual design, owner’s manual
  • According to the Customer’s requirements, standard functionality has been improved
  • Software products installation has been completed
  • The software users have been trained in its use.

The company successfully commenced commercial operations of the system on 16.03.2015 at 27 enterprises of the machine building division of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation.

Over 100 workplaces have been automated.

We express our gratitude to 1C-Rarus for the collaboration and knowledgeable assistance while solving tasks.

The assessment of the implemented information system according to the following parameters on a 5-point scale:

Compliance with the company’s requirements (5 is if all necessary capabilities have been realised in the system)

Convenience of using the software (5 is if it is easy and convenient to use the software)

Assess the 1C partner’s performance (5 is if you are satisfied with the performance)

Would you recommend this software to your colleagues to automate their business activities?

Krivisheev A.B. Head of Marketing Department
Sate 22.05.2015

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