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Farm Firm FAT, LLC

To 1C-Rarus CEO
Kazachkov D.
form Farm Firm FAT LLC


Farm Firm FAT LLC is specialized in the production of ’live’ beer released under Bavaria Brand. The company also produces fermented-bread kvass and sweet fizzy drinks. There is also medicinal-table mineral water and cold tea in the range of produced goods.

For the automation of business process of document approval by Farm Firm FAT’s management team, the decision has been made to implement the system of the electronic document flow.

The company needed the system allowed its management team to organize document storage and automate the mechanism of document approval.

While selecting the system, the Company’s management team took into consideration the following factors:

  • the convenience of information storage and retrieval;
  • the possibility of independent support of the system;
  • friendly interface;
  • profitable cost;
  • the Company used the software based on 1C: Enterprise 8 platform;
  • the possibility to organize transparent operational discipline using the software.

1C: Document Management 8 CORP met all requirements.

1C-Rarus has been chosen as an integrator company experienced with the automation of accounting based on 1C: Enterprise 8 software.

1C-Rarus experts have completed the following:

  • Completed the setup of the software;
  • Adjusted the user’s work;
  • Designed a role model;
  • Designed business processes of request approval.

The implementation of the software has allowed the company to solve the following tasks:

  • Workflow management;
  • Register and storage of documents;
  • Keeping the file register;
  • Register and control over execution of instructions;
  • Register of Agreements.

As a result of the 1C: Document Management 8 CORP use, the process of document approval has been automated. The users’ work has been systematized and disciplined.

The system was put into the commercial operation on 20.05.2015.

3 workplaces have been automated.

We express our gratitude to 1C-Rarus for the collaboration and knowledgeable assistance while solving the tasks. It is a great pleasure to work with experienced specialists who can render services at the highest level.

The assessment of the implemented information system according to the following parameters on a 5-point scale:

Compliance with the company’s requirements (5 is if all necessary capabilities have been realised in the system) — 5
Convenience of using the software (5 is if it is easy and convenient to use the software) — 5 
Assess the 1C partner’s performance (5 is if you are satisfied with the performance) — 5 
Would you recommend this software to your colleagues to automate their business activities? — Yes

Gabisova Z., Financial Director
Date 28.05.2015

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