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To CEO of 1C-Rarus
Dimitry Kazachkov

From chief accountant of Siemens Management
infrastructure and Immovables plc
M. Markova

Letter of Appreciation

Siemens plc expresses its gratitude to the 1C-Rarus team for their experienced experts presented a high-level quality of practice during the process of installation and deployment of automated system for accounting in the company.

1C: Enterprise platform was chosen to automate business processes of the company. The 1C-Rarus Company became a supplier of software solution 1C: Accounting and its implementation. The choice of this selection was based mainly on the number of positive cases of program deployment in the sphere of automation of auditing organizations and the existence of 1C-Rarus high-level experts. The installed software fully meets our demanding standards and allows us to automate main business-processes. They include accounting of fixed and intangible assets, keeping records in the Cash Journal, Purchase and Sales Ledges, submitting regulated reporting, personalized accounting, and accounting of several organizations in the unified database.

We would also like to welcome the excellent work done by A. Kupreev, the 1C-Rarus employee, who is always very attentive to us and helps put in order and improve our work.

Chief Accountant
Siemens Management
infrastructure and Immovables
M. Markova
30, May 2007

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