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April 17, 2013

SUMMEX 2013 encourages the exchange of business experience between German and Russian companies

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It happens once a year, when all owners of small andmedium enterprises located in Russia, Germany, Austria or Switzerland can get together to discuss strategies and approaches that lead to prosperity in these countries and to share their ideas and views concerning business development and the hidden obstacles on the road to success.

German companies, with their usually rich history and strong traditions, can contribute much to the European style of management in local enterprises. Meanwhile, Russian businessmen, who are typically ready to take more risks and often distinguish themselves by innovative and creative thinking,should also be considered as valuable participants.

SAMMEX 2013, the event which unites top managers from these four countries, is designed to enrich mutual experience, indicate the directions of ongoing and beneficial development and avoid common mistakes while doing businesses abroad.

Theevent will be held in Moscow for the third time on April, 17, following its main objective of establishing business contacts and exchanging experience between small and medium international enterprises.

The leading experts from Russian and German companies will analyze differenttools and approaches involved in running a business in Europe and Russia, offer effectivestrategies and provide the participants with an opportunity to discuss any relevant issues. This kind of business communication, including speeches, investigating real business cases, networking over a cup of coffee and during lunch, will be of interest primarily for the owners and representatives of Russian/German companies or subsidiaries planning to develop on target markets.

SUMMEX 2013 is organized by Dr. Ekaterina Kuskova, General Manager of the international consulting agency MARKETING-Complete, and its partner culture version, headed by Lyudmila Gerasimova

ARKETING-Completeisfocused on supportingWest European companies that intend to enter the Russian market. In addition, the agency consults Russian entrepreneurs on the issues of strategic marketing and mutual projects with partners from abroad. culture version specializes on the enhancement of business communication and relationships between German and Russian businessmen, plusdevelopment support and trainings for staff. 

SUMMEX 2013 program will include the examination of business cases by leading professionals from well-known Russian and German small and medium companies who

  • demonstrate the factors of successful development and business tools application on the
  • Russian and German markets; 
  • analyze the possibilities of using the experience accumulated by both countries for commercial activity in Russia and Europe;
  • comment on typical mistakes of both European businessmen in Russia and Russian entrepreneurs abroad;
  • estimatethedevelopmentprospectsofsmall and medium businesses in Russia.

Duringthispartoftheconferencethespeakerswilltouchonsuchtopicsas theevaluation of strengths and weaknesses of small and medium businesses in Russia,using the experience of German partners to optimize manufacturing processes in Russia, etc.

The format of the meeting encourages active networking and taking part in open discussions.

You can familiarize yourself with additional information, detailed program and registration conditions at our website: www.summex.de.

You will also have a possibility to present your goods and services at the fair during the conference.

Contact information

Dr. EkaterinaKUSKOVA
General Manager
Program Leader
IBA Germany-Russia
Lindenstrasse 14
D-50674 Cologne
Phone: +49 221 924 28 284  
Fax: +49 221 924 28 285

General Manager
culture version
Hans-Keul-Weg 27
D-51105 Cologne
Phone: +49 221 5693 54 45

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