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April 17, 2013

1С Germany GmbH Helps Russian Industrialists to Adopt the Experience from German Colleagues


One of the main themes of the event was the discussion of successful cooperation between the industrial enterprises of Russia and Europe, in particular the DACH-countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland).

The participants shared their experiences and opinions about the particularities of the establishing and development of international relationships in the field of manufacturing and shipment, conditions of successful investment in the enterprises development in Russia and Germany,  theydiscussed the practice of international experience in Russia.

Experts of 1C Germany together with a Russian partner — 1C-Rarus answered participants' questions related to the automation of the Russian-German companies and the integrationof their information flows at the level of strategic financial management and operational management .

1С Germany GmbH Helps Russian Industrialists to Adopt the Experience from German Colleagues

At the moment, more and more offices of foreign companies and joint Russian-German enterprises are choosing software 1C: Enterprise 8 to automate their activities due to the optimal cost of licenses’ available service in the CIS countries and advanced features that meet the modern enterprises requirements’.

Experts of 1C Germany GmbH and 1C-Rarus have close professional relationships that can efficiently solve customersproblems  at different levels   regardless of the fact whether customers are sited in Russia or Germany.

As a result of the conference talks the working contacts with  consulting companies representatives which were interested in providing most advanced services in accounting and operational management to their  customers were established.

Many of the participants who are the users of 1C: Enterprise 8, platform got the latest information on the available 1C products in English and German, on ways of their efficientapplication in manufacturing and international trade, and also about the services which 1C specialists provide to foreign companies in the CIS and DACH-countries.

About the 1C Germany GmbH

1С Germany GmbH Helps Russian Industrialists to Adopt the Experience from German Colleagues

Company 1C Germany GmbH is the subsidiary  of JSC "1C" and is working on the German market since 2005. The main activities are the providing  services on international automation  using 1C: Enterprise 8 platform to Russian-German companies, and partnerships with businesssoftware providers  in Germany.

About the event

Summit of Market Experts (www.summex.de) — German-Russian conference on the strategic positioning and business development in Russia and Europe. The conference was first held in KOLNH in April 2012. In June of the same year it was first brought from Germany to Russia. The 2013 conference was held in Moscow.

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