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January 30, 2013

The Company HakotransSpedition Invests in Technology Based on the 1C:Enterprise 8 Platform

The company HakotransSpedition GmbH (Germany) started to use additional CRM-module to software product Intertrans on the basis of the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform.

This module was developed by the LieberGmbHcompany and manages work with customers and partners.

Having more than 250 clients all around the world and network of 3500 agents, it is impossible to run the business without specialized software product, — said Ulrich Lachmann, company’s director. Using modern managerial technologies middle business companies have possibility to organize carriages across the world for their clients. Carriages’ requirements are often complex, based on growing clients’ needs, especially for the accounting management, packing and customs clearance, — said Oliver Tuma, one of the companies’ directors. CRM-module can also be used for the competitor analysis and the customer base.

Hakotrans uses feature of CRM-module such as input and keeping advanced analytics and complex search filters in customer base. Clients’ and agents’ contacts can be made from the CRM-module as SMS and e-mails.

In the future company Hakotrans plans to use following additional feature such as business relationships with clients, partners and competitors to optimize company’s market supply.

CRM-module is an integrated part of complex solution Intertrans 8 of Doll+ Leibercompany but it can be used as a separated software product.

CRM-module is reliable and easy to use for mobile users, who work directly with central base or synchronize their contacts via MS Outlook.

For more information see www.dollundleiber.de

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