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July 8, 2013

New release of the 8.3 version of 1C:Enterprise Platform

1C-Rarus Company informs about the new release of the 8.3 version of 1C: Enterprise Platform. Updated version allows work with cloud services and via Internet, creates applications for mobile devices. Installation of the systems is possible at Windows and Linux. For the first time there are two different variants of software and licensing: Common (1) and Corporate Level CORP (2) are available. Traditionally, interface of the platform and convenience of work with solutions developed on the basis of this platform are improved.

New 8.3 version of 1C: Enterprise Technological Platform has been released by 1C Company. It can be ordered in «1C-Rarus» company. If you would like to test it please contact to e-mail: int@rarus.ru

New platform allows creating modern and multifunctional information systems taking into account the current trends in the IT-market:

  • Cloud technologies and work via Internet

    Scalability and fault-tolerance of cluster server have been increased, load distribution has been improved. Following new services have been added: licensing service for centralized issue of program client and server licenses; external session control to inform the external system about the beginning and the end of the session. Thin client can be updated via the Internet in the automatic mode that reduces labour costs of updates for remote users. Maintenance of secured SSL-connection and certificates for all Internet protocols and based on it platform mechanisms have been provided. Background mode for the databases restructuring is provided. Security profiles forbidding the program to perform actions that are potentially dangerous for the functioning of the cluster servers and the whole service have been realized.

  • Corporate or CORP version of the platform and licenses

    For the first time the platform and the licenses are presented in two different variants: Common and Corporate Level or CORP. 64-bit CORP 1C: Enterprise 8.3 server is recommended for big corporate users and providers of access to 1C: Enterprise applications in Internet-service mode like SaaS (Software as a Service). CORP level server provides background database update, additional management of cluster services distribution and database connections, flexible cluster load management, external session management, security profiles, the ability to update the thin client from the server, the ability of publishing the list of databases and updates of thin client via http. To use all these features client licenses of CORP level are required.

  • Mobile platform

    New version allows creating applications for a variety of tablet PCs, smartphones and other mobile devices running operating systems Android or iOS. The technology of development and implementation of mobile applications is included into the solution with mobile platform distributive. Development and debugging of applications have been considerably simplified. You can use existing code and business logic of standard applications, traditional mechanisms of 1C solutions integration. These same applications can be used on the PCs with Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms. Mobile platform supports geo-locations and multimedia functions.

  • Cross-platform ability

    For Linux applications that similar to ones available for Windows have been created: thin and thick client and configurator for database administrating. Users of 1C: Enterprise software, application developers, and database administrators can now work with Linux. Cross-platform ability was extended to the following administrating tools: cluster administrating can be managed with any computers working with Windows or Linux, by administration server and command line utility.

  • Improved usability

    New interface of Taxi application is more convenient and obvious for users. Independent design of workspace, convenient program navigation, the Favourites label for any object you want to return to quickly are only a small part of provided improvements. There are two new platform interface languages: Chinese and Azerbaijani.

At the same time, in new 1C:Enterprise 8.3 System processing power has been optimized, application development tools have been improved, automated program testing has been provided, expanded functionality of capability of visual reporting and business charts creation have been extended. Work with external sources of information has been done considerably closer to the functionality and convenience of 1C standards. Special mode of compatibility of 8.3 databases with databases on previous versions of the platform (8.0, 8.1 and 8.2) is supported.

New 8.3 version of platform is available to all registered users with a valid 1C: ITS (Information’s Technological Support) contracts. Software and documentation are planned to be published on the 1C: ITS disks for July 2013.

We recommend you to start development of your business with the new capabilities of 1C: Enterprise 8.3 today.

For additional information please contact to 1С-Rarus Company

  • Tel: +7 (495) 223-04-04, 231-20-02 for English extension is 1692 in tone mode.
  • E-mail: int@rarus.ru

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