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August 27, 2013

1C:Enterprise 8 & 1C-Rarus helped Oil Service Company “TMS group” reduce production cost for 50 million rubles a year under the same effort

TMS Group, the largest oil service company, continues its collaboration with 1C-Rarus Company. Thanks to the product “1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management” and some industry solutions developed on the modern technology platform“1C: Enterprise 8”, the reception, placement, and quality control of the request for service and procurement have been automated. It has allowed processing more than 20000 clients’ requests per month at a high quality and in due time. The optimization of transport loading has reduced motor race for 30%. Overhead costs have decreased for 50 million rubles a year under the same effort.

Renal Gabsalyamov

Renal Gabsalyamov, Head of the Production Control Center of TMS Group Management Company

TMS Group Management Company is a multifunctional service company, holding an evident position in the Republic of Tatarstan and in Russia as a whole. Thecompanywasfoundedin 2005. Nowadays its workforce is more than 4000 employees. Itconsistsofsixdirected organizations. Every organization is responsible for one of the services that the company provides (i.e., the service of the drillingequipment, the service of the oilfieldequipment, the service of the deep-sea pumping equipment, pipe and machine production, drilling, etc.) The customers are such largest companies as TATNEFT OJSC, LUKOIL OJSC, SURGUTNEFTEGAS OJSC, ROSNEFT Company and others.

TMS Group Company has been using “1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management” at the root of its corporate system since 2008. This system, currently consisting of 117 automated workplaces, allows inspecting the processes of service costs calculation for the maintenance of customers’ oil-field equipment, carrying out analysis of the prime costs for these services as well as constantly increasing efficiency in the production of oil-field and drilling equipment.  In order to provide the highest possible service for the customers of TMS Group the Production Control Center was created.

Every month the Center receives more than 20 000 customers’ requests of services and procurement. These requests come via different information ways. Earlier the reception and distribution of requests were handledannually and took a lot of time. There was no opportunity of supervisory control for the fulfilment of the request. This led to out-of-time fulfilments and made worse the quality of service. According to the work regulations the special business process is developed for every unique request. The business process can include different steps from the request for bolt replacement, components production, etc. to the act of production control and participation in tender. The development of one business process for requests of one type used to take from 1.5 to 2 months.

Companydirection has setthegoal. That is that 99% ofclients’ requestsmust be processed at a high level and in due time. The customers must have an opportunity to get the information about their request status as quick as possible. The lead time for the development of business processes for the standard request must be reduced essentially, and the cost of such development must be decreased dramatically.

It was also necessary to accelerate and standardize the registration of incoming requests as well as the work distribution among the responsible workers. That had to provide an opportunity to organize the enterprise resources more effectively, reduce the production costs and improve the pace and the quality of operations.

To solve these tasks the enterprise direction has made a decision to modernize the corporative informational system. TMS Group Company has already had a successful collaboration experience with 1C-Rarus Company during the implementation of “1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management”. 1C-Rarus Company was again invited as a partner for implementation. It has successful experience of solving such tasks including the process of its own automation. During the project work such business solutions as “1C-Rarus:Operation Management 8” and “1C-Rarus:SoftPhone PROF” (2 ed.) have been used. The solution “1C-Rarus:Operation Management 8” allows getting messages from any systems, including wed-interface, and using the simplified method of customization of all business processes. The program solution “1C-Rarus:SoftPhone PROF” (2 ed.) is used for integration of “1C:Enterprise” with telephony, short message and fax services. The main operations for automatic distribution of the requests and planning of their fulfilment taking into consideration maximum allowable terms and resources at the company’s disposal were processed by the software product “1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management”.

As a result 170 types of requests have been unified, their loss during the operations has been excluded. The system of auditory messages allows reacting to incoming requestsduly. The requests coming via fax are being processed and included into the unified database ten times as fast as it used to be. The requests by telephone are being stored in the database with the recordof the conversation.

The terms of the development of business processes for standard requests have been reduced. The programmer had to spend 1.5-2 month for the development of one business process before, but now it takes only 8-12 hours.  As a result the saving on programmers’ operating time costs is more than 50 million rubles a year.

The pace of response for the critical situations has been increased. The system informs automatically the people in charge about the breaking terms of the request fulfilment. The system also controls its own work and informs about any faults every time they appear.

The quality of work with the customers’ requests has been increased. Reports about the status of the requests have been created. The system allows watching the history of the request fulfilment at any point. Now the operating managers can provide information about exact terms of the request fulfilment and inform their clients about any possible delay and reasons for it in time.

Moreover, the route creation for means of transport has been optimized. As a result, according to GPS-navigators, motor race has been reduced for 30%.

Renal Gabsalyamov, Head of the Production Control Center of TMS Group Management Company, tells about the advantages of the modernized system:

“The automated system has covered the whole cycle of the receiving and processing requests. The request is registered, than it comes into the dispatchers’ office where its further distribution happens according to the masters needed.  During the whole request processing the customer is being informed about its every stage. The system handles more than 67 000 tasks a month within 20 000 incoming requests. The system allows TMS group Company to provide the service at the highest level of reliability. That was the main goal we tried to achieve starting the project.”

TMS Group Management Company

TMS Group Management Company is a young dynamically developing company that operates in the oil service market of Tatarstan and other Russian regions. The holding company, founded on the basis of the service enterprises Tatneft OJSC, provides effective complex service of oilfield and drilling equipment, realizes operational leasing and equipment production, technical diagnostics, and examining operations of industrial safety. The current annual workload of processed and handled services is 14 billion rubles.

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