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February 25, 2014

1C-ITS Industry Service Improves Support of 1C:Enterprise 8

A new 1C-ITS Industry service was started by 1C at the end of January 2014. It allows customers to get legal and timely updates of all information systems, based on 1C industry solutions and special purpose applications, as well as services and consultations from the developers. 

1C-Rarus supports 1C initiatives to start a new 1C-ITS Industry service. Since the end of January 2014, this service has been offering to all customers who use industry and special purpose joint solutions developed by 1C and 1C-Rarus*.

Within this service, 1C-Rarus skilled professional counselling experts are ready to give you immediate help. You will have an access to an information forum and be learned how to use it. What is more, you will get a regular update of your software. This service can be used only additionally to one of the main agreements on “1C:ITS” (ITS PROF, ITS CONSTRUCION, ITS MEDICINE, ITS BUDGET PROF, ITS TECHNO, ITS BUDGET). 

This service will satisfy those customers who use several applications as it allows them to unify a scheme of payment for professional advice and upgrade, and standardize the procedure of customer support. Its use implies that a new agreement on 1C: ITS Industry is signed for every business solution.

To get support of these joint solutions, we recommend you to activate this service or use a “Transition Period” service. The “Transition Period” is offered to those users, who have signed a contract before 1 January 2013 and is valid until contract's expiration date.

During a prolongation of contract on 1C: ITS or conducting a new one, a customer has to activate the 1C: ITS Industry service to receive updates and methodological advice and support for joint solutions.

For user convenience, the 1C: ITS Industry service is divided into 2 categories and can be chosen to sign up to a 1 or 12 month term. The categories are set up reasoning from program costs and different complexity levels as well as a range of services provided.

*Industry applications developed by 1C-Rarus experts for which the new service is acting:

Title Category of
1С:ITS Industry
Developer Phone E-Mail
1С:Poultry Farm Accounting 1st Category 1С-Rarus
Nizhni Novgorod

+7 (831) 461‑82‑66

1С:Fleet Management  PRO ** 1st Category 1С-Rarus +7 (495) 223‑04‑05 int@rarus.ru
1С:Fleet Management Standard ** 1st Category 1С-Rarus +7 (495) 223‑04‑04 int@rarus.ru
1С:ERP English Interface 2nd Category 1С-Rarus +7 (495) 223-04-04 int@rarus.ru
1С:Poultry Farm Management 1st Category 1С-Rarus
Nizhni Novgorod
+7 (831) 461-82-66 int@rarus.ru
1С:Transport Enterprise Management 2nd Category 1С-Rarus +7 (495) 223-04-07 int@rarus.ru
1С:Bakery and Confectionary production 1st Category 1С-Business Architect +7 (495) 502-18-30 int@rarus.ru

You can learn more about support terms of any other industry solutions at www.1c.ru.

For further information please contact 1C-Rarus:

  • Phone: +7 (495) 223-04-04, 231-20-02;
  • E-mail: int@rarus.ru.

** You can specify how to use the new service at 1C-Rarus.

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