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January 31, 2014

Mobile Monitor of Activities released by 1C‑Rarus

A new development of 1C-Rarus allows executives to track and monitor their own business at any convenient time.   After they connect to the information system of their enterprise with the use of 1C-Rarus: Mobile Monitor of Activities, they can analyse dynamic changes of activities, compare work efficiency in different departments, get latest news and make effective and timely decisions.

Mobile Monitor of Activities

One of the first program solutions that 1C-Rarus released in 2014 to work promptly via the Internet using your mobile devices was 1C-Rarus: Mobile Monitor of Activities.  The development allows management to analyze key activities of the enterprise, send text messages to the users of the mobile application, confirm decisions, and scan all necessary information on the screen of the mobile device.

The source of data for 1C-Rarus: Mobile Monitor of Activities can be any information system developed on the base of 1C: Enterprise 8. The solution allows you to get data from different sources: business sectors, departments, subsidiaries, arranging and visualizing it in a graphical form. All activities can be easily displayed on one screen.

Mobile Monitor of Activities

The option “Notification” can help to organize the process of mailing news, calendar events, reminders, automatic notifications on changes of tracking activities from their target values, etc. to the staff.

An executive director can get a possibility to make decisions on key issues quite promptly. Thus, confirmation of requests and management of business processes is realized at one click.

Server-side synchronization operates 24/7. It collects data from sources and keeps it in an up-to-date state. The information is transferred via trusted information channels. It is encrypted on the client’s side and kept in its encrypted mode on the server. 1C-Rarus does not gain any access to it. Only users of the information system within the organization where this software is installed or, if they use it on their mobile devices, are able to look through such data.

Some flexible options of data encryption are provided. It allows managers to get information they need if they have rights to access it.

Today 1C-Rarus: Mobile Monitor of Activities is available for all executives and managers, and the use of the new service is absolutely free.

It is very important for 1C-Rarus to get customer feedback on this application. Clients should evaluate the relevance of the service provided. In case of the decision to take fee for this service, all users will have been notified not later than 6 months before the date it will become charged.

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