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February 10, 2014

1C-Rarus: Securities Accounting Third Edition Now Available!

1C-Rarus released an updated edition of computer software for investment and management companies. The 3d edition of 1C-Rarus: Securities Accounting combines extended options that help automate work of market participants. Such options include an easily customized policy of securities accounting (they can be both proper bonds and corporate customer’s bonds), more than 15 additional reports to analyse securities transactions, data import from 1С-Rarus: Back Office. Due to the release of the updated version, the 1st edition of 1C-Rarus: Securities Accounting is being withdrawn from the marketplace. Thus, all users of 1C-Rarus: Securities Accounting, 1st edition, can update a single-user mode to the 3d edition absolutely free.

The 3d edition of the software 1C-Rarus: Securities Accounting can automate the process of accounting within investment and management companies. 1C-Rarus developed that program solution taking into consideration all requirements of market participants, who carry out brokerage and dealership activities or conduct trust management of shares and cash assets. More than 150 Russian companies have already organized their workflows using the previous editions of 1C-Rarus: Securities Accounting. The third edition includes advanced options that provide a wide range of opportunities for automation of market participants’ work.

The system developed with the help of 1C-Rarus: Securities Accounting allows market participants to consolidate information about several companies or corporate customers under trust management in a unified database. It is possible to customize special rules of accounting for every organization. For example, you can choose a method of calculation of financial results; specify accounts according to stock-exchange and OTC transactions; define accounts of additional costs whilst buying and selling securities, revaluation accounts of accumulated coupon income; itemize securities according to purposes, urgency, or circulation. Different methods of writing prime costs off are provided for financial and tax accounting. Repurchase agreements can be reflected in financial accounting as a loan or purchase and sale. Different ways of granting a discount or interests under proper bills are included. Periodicity of interest accruals to deposits can be adjusted. Financial accounting is conducted according to the rules of Russian GAAP 19/02, 18/02.

The application allows one to work with stocks, debt securities, deposits, shares, share depositary receipts, different types of bonds as well as promissory and transfer notes including both in-house notes and notes belonging to third parties.

In the information system you can conduct financial and tax accounting of purchase and sale transactions of securities, repo transactions involving shares and bonds, margin transactions, and exchange transactions. The options for issue of promissory notes as well as surrender and recovery of property are implemented. Moreover, the system allows one to register and keep data on paying off accumulated coupon income, bonds and bills, conversions, splits, consolidation of securities and loans, paid dividends. You can also keep accounting of issued and received loans and lends as well as charged interests using this software.

The application has a wide and up-to-date range of options for investment and management companies. Using this software, you benefit as the program allows generating a great number of reports:

  • Calculation of the amount of own funds for a professional Stock market participant;
  • Information about proper financial investments (with an export to the e-form of the Federal Financial Markets Service);
  • Bookkeeping inquiry on revaluation of securities;
  • Test of transactions for compliance with market prices;
  • Account statement;
  • Balance sheet of trust management;
  • Accounting register of income from selling securities;
  • Accounting register of getting (paid) income on accumulated coupon income;
  • Repo register;
  • Register of income and expenses under open positions;
  • Register of income and expenses under trading portfolio;
  • Statement on financial results;
  • Statement on balance of securities;
  • Open and close transactions for short positions by shipments;
  • Trial balance by securities;
  • Schedule of bonds redemption;
  • Calculation of the market value of assets in which the pension saving assets were invested.

The cost of the new edition is 60,000 RUB. The price for additional licenses varies depending on the number of automated workplaces. In addition, some paid subscriptions are available to get the updated release of the computer program.

If you are interested in using this industry solution, you should purchase 1C: Accounting 8 first. If you want to upgrade 1C-Rarus: Securities Accounting to the 3d edition, it will be absolutely free for a single-user mode.

At the same time, due to the new release, we stop selling the following program solutions: 1C-Rarus: Securities Accounting ed.1, 1C-Rarus: Securities Accounting ed.1. License for update (12 months) standard, 1C-Rarus: Securities Accounting ed.1. License for update (12 months) to renew the subscription. The customer support of these applications will be finished on December 31, 2014.

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