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April 7, 2014

Art. Lebedev Studio Café operates on RestArt

1C-Rarus has developed an information system based on 1C: Enterprise 8 to organize the operational process at Art. Lebedev Studio Café. The system has united some remote objects in Moscow and St. Petersburg and the main office, and helped to reduce the time needed for order handling by 3–5 minutes. The management runs the chain of cafes, daily receiving exact data on the objects’ income.   

Art. Lebedev Studio shops and cafes are situated in Moscow on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, Bankovski Lane, Karetni Ryad, Otradnaya Street, Street of 1905 and two cafes on Lev Tolstoy Street and Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya Street. In St. Petersburg the cafes are located on Zhukovski Street and Piskarevski Avenue. Its concept is a café where you can taste the most delicious home like food. The special pride of the café is very tasty coffee. It is as good as in Italy.

All Art. Lebedev Studio cafes offer their clients a high level service as well. It is notable for its high speed and includes accuracy in performing orders as well as effective menu management. The essential assistant in the daily work of the café is an information system.

Choosing the system, Art. Lebedev Studio based on the following criteria: rapidness and easiness of work, data accuracy, monitoring of remote objects, existence of multipurpose reporting, and a possibility to model the system. It was necessary to receive data on sales from every outlet situated in Moscow and St. Petersburg, manage the condition of the menu and process charts, control products write-off in production according to technological charts.

The new information system on the base of RestArt and 1C-Rarus: Restaurant Management has been implemented in the chain of the cafes. The system allows data exchange with the café and remote work management from the main office. The variability of program interface was noticed by the Art. Lebedev Studio.

Uliana Imkhovik, accountant of  Art. Lebedev Studio, comments,

This front-office program has been chosen because of the convenience of its interface, speed, easiness in the menu management. Back-office program has attracted us with its deeper possibilities for data analysis, easiness of its integration with the existed 1C: Accounting system and data processing pace. We invited 1C-Rarus experts to deploy these programs. They helped to solve many different complicated questions and provided an expert support.

1C-Rarus automated the workplaces of cashiers, waiters, barmen, managers at Moscow and St. Petersburg Art. Lebedev Studio cafés. Employees of the main office (accountants, works managers, technologists, storekeepers) also use it.

The system is installed at 16 workplaces. It covers all tasks of the café chain: from client service to reporting preparations. Using the system, you can plan and account purchases and dish distribution, asset management: clothes, kitchen- and tableware, fixed assets, budgeting and scheduling. The system provides opportunities to manage a menu and price list centrally, control income and losses.

As a result the pace of service has been increased. There is a possibility to receive orders with the help of tablet computers. Waiters while talking to clients enter the order into the system and it is transferred into the production immediately. It allows the staff to serve the guests up to 3–5 minutes faster.

At the café operating in the free-floor mode the time for clients’ service has been reduced. The head of the main office can manage the content of the menu easily and control the operation of all objects. All reports whose data are coming from workplaces in Moscow or St. Petersburg are being generated 2 times faster now.

Uliana Imkhovik summarizes,

On the base of the reliable information that is generated in the system, the head of the company has made effective management decisions that, in its turn, helped to increase the profitability of the café.

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