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May 14, 2014

1C: CRM PROF for Belarus checked for 1C‑Compatibility

1C: CRM PROF localized for Belarus has received the status “Compatible! The system of 1C: Enterprise Software”. The programme helps to build efficient collaboration with customers and increase their loyalty.

1C-Rarus informs that 1С:CRM PROF for Belarus ed. 1.4 has successfully passed the certification on compatibility with 1C: Enterprise.

The software, localized for Belarus, is a version of the Russian programme 1C: CRM PROF, developed by 1C-Rarus. The solution allows its users to automate business processes in accordance with the CRM conception, to build active relationship with customers at all stages of the collaboration.

There are some additional possibilities of 1C: CRM PROF for Belarus:

  • Possibility to use the Belarusian classification of addresses.
  • Possibility to work with SMS-operators, conducting their activity in the Republic of Belarus.
  • Possibility to use the Belorussian classification of banks.
  • Possibility to download the currency rate from National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.
  • Possibility to print the Belorussian form of the documents “Invoice”, “Minute of price adjustment”.
  • Possibility to build a print form of the business offer with the option to round the currency without kopecks.
  • Possibility to check the correctness of the input of taxpayer identification number based on checksums, defined by the Belorussian algorithm of taxpayer identification number validation.

The solution provides a possibility for two-way data flow with 1C: Accounting 8 for Belarus and 1C: Accounting 7.7 for Belarus.

For additional information, please, contact MiSoft, the official distributor of 1C software in the Republic of Belarus:

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