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January 16, 2015

Automation of Customer Relationship Management and Sales Management based on 1C: Enterprise 8 CRM PROF at Doring LLC

Quantity of automated workstations: 20
Products: 1C:Enterprise 8 CRM PROF. Edition 2.0
Branch: 1C-Rarus, Moscow
Sector: CRM (customer relationship management)
Customer’s cities: Shchelkovo, Moscow Region

Scope of Doring’s activity is trade of auto spare and key parts and other automobile accessories.

Doring LLC uses 1C:Enterprise 8. CRM PROF, which is a special solution of 1C:Enterprise 8 software family, to automate customer relationship processes.

1C:Enterprise 8 CRM PROF is developed in 1C:Enterprise 8 automation environment and is designed to automate customer relationship processes. The solution helps to organize productive work of the Sales Department, Marketing Department, and Service Department at all stages of customer relationship.

Core platform capabilities:

  • Management of the customer base, detailed characteristics of every customer and contact person, dynamics of changes in state of customer relationship, possibility of fast data entry and access to the client’s information;
  • Management of customer contacts, registration of customer contacts history, registration of customer needs, on-the-spot data transfer between departments, contact planning; 
  • Action planning and control, timing-wise work coordination, notification system and task description;
  • Management of customer relationship business processes, creation of operating procedures with customers and patterns of typical actions, sales and reclamation service processes management;
  • Sales management, creation of sales engineering of different commodity groups, management of sales stages and phases, creation of standard patterns of activities, mechanism of preparation of commercial offers, mechanism of operational management and analysis of the sales cycle that is a purchase funnel;
  • Integration with financial and accounting programs allows you to create a unified information space to work with customers;
  • Marketing management including customer segmentation, management of marketing companies, performance evaluation of advertising and marketing campaigns;
  • Surveys that is a collection of information about customers, goods, rivals and regions. Analysis of questionnaires;
  • Telemarketing provides mass calls to customers using a standard conversation scenario of a talk, registration of contacts and forms;
  • Support and warranty services. Accounting software products in service: using the numbers of the registration forms, terms and types of services, management of service requests,  management of service orders;
  • Multiple factor analysis of sales, ABC sales analysis, analysis of work with customers, employee’s operating results and the customer base.
  • Knowledge based on sales, goods, services, information architecture, keyword search, immediate data access;
  • Information protection, settings of data access rights for users,  provision of user’s access only to the information on their own clients;
  • Facilitating the performance of routine operations, integration with e-mail, report preparation, an assistant of data input about new clients, search for client’s clones, batch-processing of customers and filters.

1C-Rarus experts have held a presentation of the software. During this presentation the customer became sure that the core capabilities of the software corresponded to their current needs. After the demonstration, the customer made a decision to purchase this software. Then, 1C-Rarus employees installed the software and trained the personnel. They also consulted the users on the adjustment of accounting parameters, creation of interfaces and user’s roles.

Now 1C-Rarus experts are providing the software users with consulting support.

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