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January 16, 2015

1C-Rarus Automates Accounting at Lotos by Means of 1C:Retail 8. Clothing and Shoes

Quantity of automated workstations: 2
1С:Retail 8. Clothing and Shoes
1С:Enterprise 8. Sales Management
Branch: 1C-Rarus, Moscow
Sector: Manufacturing Enterprises, NonFood Retail, Fashion retail
Customer’s cities: Moscow, Lobnya, Moscow Region

Scope of Lotos’ activity is tailoring of women’s business attire with its further sale through dealer’s outlets. The company’s management team has decided to start a new business activity and sell independently without any facilitators. They have opened ‘Antiga’, their first retail shop of women’s business attire in Lobnya, Moscow Region, and 1C-Rarus team automated it at once.

To perform successful work, Lotos LLC needed a special software product that met the following criteria:

  • Record-keeping of goods on some characteristics (color, size, etc. for every type of the stock list);
  • Convenient acceptance of goods and their realization;
  • Planning of product lines base on the data of analytical reports;
  • Management of customer retention.

The company’s management team has chosen 1C:Retail 8. Clothing and Shoes software . 1C-Rarus has become a partner of the project. 

1C-Rarus’ expert has chosen some appropriate shop equipment:

  • Non-fiscal printer of checks FPrint-22;
  • PIN-PAD Vx820 CTLS;
  • Laser scanner Honeywell MS5145;
  • Cash till CD-4201;
  • Customer Display LPOS-II-VFD-2029D;
  • Thermal transfer printer of labels Godex G-500U.

Full range of works was completed in two days and included:

  • installation of the software and its customization in Moscow central office and at the outlet in Lobnya;
  • adjustment of data transfer between databases;
  • connection of the trading equipment.

As part of the project, 1C-Rarus experts have automated cashier’s and manager’s workplaces.

As a result of the project, the company’s management team has received access to the operating financial rates of the outlet that allows them to make management decisions about effective further development of this business activity.

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