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January 16, 2015

Financial and Tax Accounting Automation Based on 1C:Accounting 8 CORP at MonolitStroiResurs

Quantity of automated workstations: 1
Products: 1С:Accounting 8 CORP
Branch: 1C-Rarus, Moscow
Sector: Construction, Property, Housing and Utility Sector
Customer’s cities: Moscow

Automation of MonolitStroiResurs’ activity is conducted by means of 1C:Accounting 8 CORP software.

1C:Accoounting 8 CORP provides automation of the financial and tax accounting, including preparation of regulatory reporting.

Financial and tax accounting is kept in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation.

The configuration supports financial and tax accounting of the company with separate subdivisions both with and without a separate balance.

The configuration supports:

  • Accounting of several organizations;
  • Accounting at separate subdivisions;
  • Recording of inventory stocks;
  • Warehouse inventory control: quantitative or quantitative and amount accounting;
  • Accounting of trading operations;
  • Accounting of commission trade;
  • Recording of agent acts;
  • Recording of actions with packing;
  • Accounting of bank and cash transactions;
  • Accounting of payments with contactors;
  • Accounting of fixed and invisible assets;
  • Accounting of indirect costs;
  • VAT accounting;
  • Payroll accounting and personnel and personal record keeping;
  • Support of different taxation systems;
  • Tax accounting on profit tax;
  • Simplified system of taxation;
  • Accounting of business taxed with the unified tax on imputed income;
  • Profit and costs accounting of individual businessmen, PIT payers;
  • Month closing actions: experts automated by-the-book procedures, performing at the end of the month including revaluation of currency, write-off of expenses for future periods, determination of financial results, etc.
  • Standard financial report preparation;
  • Preparation of regulatory reporting.

1C-Rarus experts have installed this software and trained the personnel. They have customized reports as well as consulted the client on month-end closing.

Now 1C-Rarus experts are providing the software users with consulting support.

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