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January 16, 2015

Accounting Automation based on 1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8 at CBU

Quantity of automated workstations: 5
Products: 1С:Enterprise 8. Manufacturing Enterprise Management
Branch: 1C-Rarus, Moscow
Sector: Services
Customer’s cities: Moscow

Accounting automation at CBU LLC is carried out by means of «1С:Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8».

To keep records and manage the company at the highest technological level in accordance with the Russian legislation, the CBU’s management team has made a decision to implement the comprehensive system of accounting automation 1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8.

The following fact has played a key role for the company’s management team to choose this accounting system, i.e. 1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8 covers main business processes of the company, providing a creation of the unified information space to reflect the financial and operational activities of the whole enterprise.

CBU LLC carries out activities in the sphere of financial accounting and audit.

The progress of implementation: successfully fulfilled and completed.

The following accounting subsystems are in industrial operation:

  • Accounting;
  • Procurements;
  • Sales;
  •  Manufacturing management;
  • Warehouse.

As part of the project, 1C-Rarus experts have performed the following work:

  • Installed the platform and configuration;
  • Added system’s users;
  • Consulted users on the adjustment of user’s rights;
  • Consulted users on the transfer of the Stock list Catalog from another database;
  • Consulted users on accounting specifically pertaining to the production expenses;
  • Customized month-end closing and cost accounting.

Implementation of 1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8 has allowed its users to evaluate work efficiency and receive information to make managerial decisions promptly.

Now 1C-Rarus experts are providing the software users with consulting support.

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