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January 19, 2015

Accounting Automation based on 1C‑Rarus:Depository, ed. 2 at Commercial Bank ‘TEST’

Quantity of automated workstations: 2
Products: 1С-Rarus:Depository, ed. 2

Branch: 1С-Rarus, Moscow
Sector: Securities, investment and management companies
Customer’s cities: Moscow

The public limited company ‘Commercial Bank TEST’ is a professional member of the security market.

1C:Rarus’ experts have carried out the accounting automation at the public limited company ‘Commercial Bank TEST’ by means of the basic solution 1C-Rarus:Depositorty, ed. 2 (status 1C:Compatible), which is a special solution of 1C:Enterprise 8 software family.

The main criteria to choose this software were:

  • Highly effective system performance;
  • Meeting the requirements of the legislation;
  • The modern platform;
  • Capability to account large amounts of data;
  • Realization of main processes;
  • Friendly interface.

The core requirement to the automation system was a necessity to run custody business.

1C-Rarus:Depository, ed. 2 is designed to automate custodian accounting at companies and organizations running their business on the security market. It is developed on the internal registers. The software for depository has an extended analytics for fully-featured reflection of different custody transactions with shares, bills and bonds. When developing this setting, all requirements of Professional Association of Registrars, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and Federal Commission for the Securities Market were taken into account.

The setting includes the following accounting register required by Professional Association of Registrars, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and Federal Commission:

  • Register of accepted tasks;
  • Operational register of custody accounts;
  • Register of transmitted reports and statements;
  • General Journal;
  • Statement on custody account state;
  • Report on executed transactions on the custody account;
  • Subsidiary ledger of custody account balance;
  • Custody account form;
  • Emission form and others.

Statements for performance of custody transaction and reports on custody transaction are generated on every transaction (with a possibility of print output).

The setting allows you to work with shares, bills and bonds. Data on transactions can be entered both manually and through their export from stock exchange (Moscow Central Stock Exchange) with calculation of depository commission.

The software provides a universal automatic download of trading results from text, dbf or xls files, provided by Moscow Central Stock Exchange or any other stock exchange and a mechanism of data reconciliation with back office systems.

1C-Rarus specialists held a presentation of the software to demonstrate possibilities of the software. They installed the software, customized and trained the personnel to use this solution efficiently.

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