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January 19, 2015

Implementation of 1C-Rarus: Back Office, ed. 5 at Partner Finance

Quantity of automated workstations: 1
Products: 1С-Rarus:Back Office, ed. 5

Branch: 1С-Rarus, Moscow
Sector: Securities, investment and management companies
Customer’s cities: Moscow

PARTNER FINANCE LLC is a professional member of the security market.

The accounting automation at Partner Finance LLC is carried out by means of the basic solution 1C-Rarus:Back Office, ed. 5 (status 1C:Compatible), which is a special solution of 1C:Enterprise 8 software family.

The main criteria to choose this software were:

  • Highly effective system performance;
  • Meeting the requirements of the legislation;
  • The modern platform;
  • Capability to account large amounts of data;
  • Realization of main processes;
  • Friendly interface.

Specifics of work and requirements to the automation system are necessity to perform dealer and broker activity and trust management.

1C-Rarus:Back Office, ed. 5 is a configuration of 1C:Enterprise 8. It is developed on internal registers. It has an extended analytics for fully-featured reflection of different custody transactions with shares, bills, bonds, stock units and futures on stock and off- stock exchange markets. When developing this setting, all requirements of National Association of Securities Market Participants and Federal Financial Markets Service (the Enactment of FСSM of the Russian Federation dated December 11, 2001 № 32/108n on changes of transactions with securities for members of the security market) for transaction accounting on the security market were taken into account. 

The software provides separate accounting on dealer and broker transactions as well as trust management including rewards and commission expenses, accounting of the security cost in average, FIFO, LIFO and possibility for cost accounting including purchase expenses.

It also provides automatic generation of commercial documents and client’s tasks from broker’s reports. Deals of exchange, bill novation, partial redemption of par values, converting are presented in the software.

Registers and subsidiary ledgers which are required by NAUFOR and FCSM are added with the following reports:

  • ‘Client’s report’ with a possibility to send it via e-mail.
  • Report ‘Profits and Losses’
  • Report ‘Paper Balance’
  • Report ‘Account Activity’
  • Report ‘Bill Record Book’
  • Report ‘Bill Activity Book’
  • Standard accounting forms
  • Quarterly Progress Reports according to the Enactment of FSCM № 33.

The software provides a possibility of collation with depository data, universal automatic import of trading results from test, dbf or xls files presented by Moscow Central Stock Exchange or any other stock exchange.

1C-Rarus specialists held a presentation of the software to demonstrate possibilities of the software. They installed the software, customized and trained the personnel to use this solution efficiently.

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