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January 19, 2015

Personnel Records and Payroll Automation based on 1C:Payroll and HR Management at KTK Company

Quantity of automated workstations: 1
Products: 1С:Payroll and HR Management 8

Branch: 1С-Rarus, Moscow
Sector: Construction, Property, Housing and Utility Sector
Client’s cities: Moscow

Automation of personnel and payroll records is carried out by means of the basic configuration Payroll and HR Management, which is a special solution of 1C:Enterprise 8 software family.

The software allows you to automate your activity in the following way:

  • Payroll accounting and management of personnel’s financial motivation;
  • Register of productive activity results;
  • Calculation of taxes regulated by the tax legislation and payments from payroll budget;
  • Reflection of gross payroll and taxes as company’s expenses;
  • Personnel records and staff analysis;
  • Labour management relations, HR records keeping;
  • Planning of workforce requirements.

The configuration make possible to generate different data reporting on having data for any calculation period. Work results can be presented as analytical reports, pictorial charts or diagrams.

The implementation of the software made possible to automate all company’s tasks connected with the calculation of personnel’s salary and management of personnel policy comprehensively.

1C-Rarus specialists held a presentation of the software. During this presentation the customer became sure that the core capabilities of the software corresponded to their current needs. After the demonstration, the customer made a decision to purchase this software.

1C-Rarus specialists performed the following work on the software implementation.

  • They installed the software;
  • They trained the personnel;
  • They consulted customers on the adjustment of accounting parameters, creation of interfaces and user’s roles;
  • The basic configuration was customized according to the Customer’s requirements: the 1C-Rarus’ specialists adjusted standard reports and designed the external print form of the Employment Contract;
  • They updated the basic configuration that makes possible to keep records in full concordance with the applicable legislation.

Now 1C-Rarus experts are providing the software users with consulting support.

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