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December 5, 2019

BSH Home Appliances Managers Claims with 1C

1C-Rarus automated claim management processes at BSH Home Appliances using a unique system developed on the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform. A new system united 17 separated databases and provided information exchange between company departments. As a result, the claims processing speed increased by 70%, and the cost of work with claims decreased by 73%. The system keeps records of home appliances reduced in price and utilized. Today preparing reports takes two times less than before.

The BSH Home Appliances Group, included into the Bosch Company Group, is one of the top international appliance manufacturers with a wide network of service centers. In Russia, this consolidated group is represented by BSH Home Appliances (BSH Bytovyye Pribory) with its office in Moscow, a logistic center in Bykovo, a manufacturing complex in St. Petersburg and branches in Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don and Minsk.

A logistic company department monthly processes an enormous number of claims from all regions. Previously, the company had to use 17 data bases for the real-time management. They were not integrated with each other and employees had to transfer data manually.

This caused errors and required additional reverifications and calculations. Data loss and duplication of information resulted in complicated interactions within the departments.

The process of claim analysis took much time, was complex and inefficient: the handling of one claim could take up to 2,5 months. The Company saw the need in a consolidated automated system that would allow its users to standardize claim records and minimize time for their processing.
The BSH Home Appliances top management made a decision to implement the accounting system with 1C-Rarus.

The 1C-Rarus experts developed a consolidated system to generate claim reports. It was developed from the ground zero based on the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform.

The new system provided real-time data exchange with an in-house corporate system. It made possible to increase data accuracy and eliminate data migration and doubling. The system allowed the company to automate a report gathering process. Previously, company employees had to generate it from different sources manually. The 1C-Rarus experts developed a software interface in Russian and English languages for user convenience. 1C-Rarus automated 50 workplaces.

The project was completed within 2 months applying an Agile project management methodology that allowed the company to achieve its main objectives and execute implementation tasks within a reasonable time.

Key Project Results

  • The use of the consolidated system allowed the company to enhance the performance with claims. The system allowed keeping records of all incoming and outgoing claims.  On average, the claim processing took 70% less time than before, and the prime cost of such work decreased by 73%.
  • Arranged accounting for damaged inventory in the quality control zone as well as accounting for cut-price and utilized appliances.
  • Provided operational data exchange with an in-house corporate system and improved interaction between users of different departments; increased data accuracy; and eliminated data migration and doubling. The number of errors decreased twice.
  • As a result of the operational job reduction by 40% and administrative work reduction by 80%, the labor efficiency increased.
  • The reporting, previously generated from different sources manually, was collected automatically and twice as fast.

Pelikhova Anastasiya, Head of business analysis team from the Supply Chain Management Department at BSH Household Appliances comments on the results achieved,

"Collaboration of Business Analysis, Logistics and IT Departments has allowed us to perform the process reengineering and its automation within a short time. The new system for us is a guarantor of the claim processing management efficiency.
The manual labor in the system is minimized, thus we can avoid any unfortunate errors and the adjusted integration with the in-house system accelerates the data transfer and reflects the general picture of the department efficiency. The report generation process has become more transparent, and we’ve reduced the labor effort for data gathering and report preparation.
The duration of claim processing has significantly decreased from several weeks to several hours. The effective cooperation with 1C-Rarus has produced positive results. We are going to optimize transport management and equipment management processes as a short-term plan."

Filatov Andrew, IT Business Partner of BSH Household Appliances, confirms,

"Thanks to the 1C-Rarus project team, we have received a consolidated 1C-based system within a short time; we have developed internal IT processes allowing us to bring values to the business in a short time."

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