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December 4, 2019

1C-Rarus Implemented New Accounting System at Mercedes-Benz RUS

1C-Rarus developed a new accounting system based on  Alfa-Auto ed.6 developed by 1C-Rarus to manage retail sales and after-sales maintenance at Mercedes-Benz RUS. Our specialists developed a vehicle lease management subsystem and improved sales and after-sales maintenance modules. 300 customer’s users operate the new system that meets the highest standards of Mercedes-Benz in respect of usability and response speed.

Mercedes-Benz RUS is a Russian company, a subsidiary company of Mercedes-Benz AG. The division of retail sales and after-sales maintenance at Mercedes-Benz RUS includes a sales office and a maintenance center in Leningradskiy Prospekt 39a, as well as a complex at the crossing of Altufevskoe Highway and Moscow Ring Highway (MKAD). The division provides services on sales of new and used Mercedes-Benz cars and light vehicles, their leasing and maintenance.

In 2016, the company management made a decision to update the current accounting system: they saw the need to change a part of business processes and reduce the number of accumulated improvements. 1C-Rarus and their own software 1С-Rarus Alfa-Auto: Car-showroom+Workshop+Spare parts 6 won the bid placed by Mercedes-Benz RUS. The main project task was to create a new accounting system that could optimize management of sales and leasing, auto service and maintenance of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Key Project Results

Car sales module. Developed core software functions for more efficient management of sales and financial results:

  • multifactor calculation of profit margin for each deal;
  • convenient search for a car according to the customer’s requirements;
  • online program schedulers of test drives and delivery of cars to the customer;
  • a car reservation system integrated with the document approval subsystem;
  • functionality for credit and insurance transaction management.

Car leasing module. The leasing module is not included into the standard Alfa-Auto ed. 6 software. 1C-Rarus developed this unique subsystem within the project scope. It includes:

  • Car fleet management.
  • Pricing for various types of lease.
  • A lease calendar, i.e. a special schedule visibility and control tool.
  • Handling leasing applications.
  • Executing a contract with a possibility to make changes in it if a customer wants to extend a lease or have a test drive of another car.
  • Control over traffic fines.
  • Service sales and fleet use reporting.

The software functionality is also used to record relief vehicles issued to service clients.

After-sales maintenance module. Consistent auto repair processes were managed within the project: from the first contact with the customer to post-service calls. The developed system takes into account some peculiar features of the company business processes and meets the Mercedes-Benz standards concerning software usability and response speed. All stages of car repair are implemented in the system, including: transformation of the repair application to the work order, delivery of spare parts, estimation (cost of labor), accounting for spare parts being replaced under the warranty, and planning future customer contacts.

  • Automated routines: repair planning, spare part reservation, release of goods, and bin location warehouse transactions.  As for complex operations, e. g. document reversals, our specialists created step-by-step form wizards. After they are filled in, the system generates documents in the background.
  • Repair planning tools allow you to record a customer in a minute whether they previously applied or not. You need to specify only main customer details and describe reasons for application; the system of automated repair planning will do the rest. When placing an application for repair, an operator can see all data on the car and its owner: car service history, ongoing service and marketing campaigns, availability of parts orders and service contracts, and a status of settlements.       
  • The module of automatic reservation allows the company employees not to think about the availability of spare parts. The system will analyze their availability at certain warehouses and reserve a required number of parts. If there are no parts in stock, the system will offer to place an order to the supplier or move it from the warehouse of the other department.
  • A discount system in Alfa-Auto is also significantly customized: from pricing for parts by order types to assignment of marketing actions to the customers taking into account customer segments and cars.
  • A tool intended to analyze the performance of the after-sale maintenance department that replaced previously used OLAP systems is developed.

1C-Rarus specialists adjusted over 10 integrations of Alfa-Auto and the customer’s external systems and automated 300 workplaces.

Mercedes-Benz RUS continues its cooperation with 1C-Rarus. The company is planning to develop the system.

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