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April 28, 2020

Digital delivery of the 1C and 1C‑Rarus industry solutions: remote sales and servicing

1C-Rarus, together with the 1C, is ready to support all of the operating industries with digital delivery and licenses for the industry solutions. We will get the sale, installation, set up, training, and servicing done remotely.

  • 1С:Corporation*
  • 1C:Corporate Performance Management*
  • 1C-Rarus:Financial Management
  • 1С:ERP World Edition
  • 1С:ERP+CPM
  • 1C:ERP Meat-processing enterprise management*
  • 1C:ERP Construction enterprise management*
  • 1C:Drive
  • 1C:Complex automation
  • 1C:Trade Management*
  • 1С:CRM
  • CEOboard
  • 1C:ITIL*
  • 1C:Document Management
  • 1C:Accounting*
  • 1C:Accounting CORP & IFRS*
  • 1C:Payroll & HRM*
  • 1C-Rarus: WMS
  • 1C: Enterprise 8. Logistics, freight forwarding, and transportation management*
  • Alfa-Auto: Car dealership + Auto service + Auto parts*
  • 1С:Retail*
  • 1C:Hotel
  • 1C-Rarus: Restaurant management*
  • 1C:Bitrix*
  • 1C:Enterprise platform

*The product interface doesn't support English

You can also rent many of the 1C‑Rarus industry solutions. In addition, we have extended the period of free demo-access to our cloud to 30 days. We will aid your business in development even in the period of crisis. Contact us to hear the options.

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