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February 18, 2019

1C-Rarus received 4 prestigious awards in the IT industry at the Project of the Year 2018 Awards Ceremony

On January 30, the Awards Ceremony for one of the largest Russian IT contests — Project of the Year 2018 - took place in Moscow. The Global CIO IT community, which includes hundreds of the CEOs of the leading IT companies, voted on the winners from across the entire CIS region. 1C-Rarus presented 7 projects, 4 out of which held the victory.

The project on the implementation of a single enterprise management system in the Reftinskaya poultry farm, OJSC, by the 1C‑Rarus team from Chelyabinsk, became the winner in the category of Agriculture. As a result, the enterprise acquired a single information environment on the basis of the leading 1C IT tools, such as 1С:Enterprise 8. ERP Agrocomplex 2, 1С:Poultry farming 2. Module for 1C:ERP, 1С:Retail 8, 1С:Management of veterinary certificates, 1C: Enterprise 8. Logistics, freight forwarding and transportation management CORP, 1С:Document management, 1С:Data conversion, and many more.

Reftinskaya is a large multi-faceted agricultural holding, which annually increases manufacturing volumes, is a strategically important enterprise for the Sverdlovsk region, and is in a state of active change in its strategic management system. In order to institutionalize and further automate business processes, the company decided to introduce a single management system. The Agile (Scrum) methodology was chosen as the project methodology. The challenging cost accounting for managing production net costs and tax accounting at two income tax rates became the unique aspect of the project.

At the Awards Ceremony, Andrey Dmitrievich Smolin, the Chief business development officer at the Reftinskaya poultry farm, OJSC, shared the results of the project and his impression from a partnership with 1C-Rarus:

«— Our friends and partners — 1C‑Rarus in Chelyabinsk — provided massive support, both methodological and human-wise. Our employees also made maximum efforts. We managed to find a lot of creative solutions, both good and useful. It would be inaccurate to say that the project ended — instead, it keeps growing. This is the project that will uncover a lot of benefits, and that has a great future ahead! This project is so multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary, and the deadlines were very tight because such is the nature of our business.  Everything aligned: the team of experts, faith in the ability to do it, and reasonable need to implement this project. Mutual understanding is at the heart of success. I definitely recommend the 1C-Rarus team from Chelyabinsk for the implementation of these kinds of projects!»

The Chelyabinsk branch office received another award. The project on 1C:ERP implementation in the USVP LLC became the winner in the category For digitalization and implementation of the import substitution strategy in the real sector of the economy. The Ural Special Valve Plant (USVP LLC) was created as a part of the implementation of the Gazprom roadmap for the import substitution of critical types of foreign products delivered from abroad to Gazprom PJSC facilities. The 1C: ERP information system was introduced and put into commercial operation. All documents, accounting for historical periods from the moment of company foundation (2016–2018), were entered into the system. Improvements were implemented to cover functional gaps and for the integration with the systems of the group of companies.

The award in the category of The best applied solution for the project automation in construction went to the project of the 1C‑Rarus team from Nizhny Novgorod on automation of the management accounting at the NIIK OJSC on the basis of 1C:ERP Construction enterprise management 2. NIIK OJSC is one of the top enterprises on the market for engineering services in the field of development and design of nitrogen production facilities. As a result of the project, the number of errors in the preparation of bills, and the number of overdue payments decreased. Automation of business processes has reduced labor costs, which led to cuts in the number of staff in the major construction management by 20%.
Planning systems have reduced cash shortages and, consequently, have reduced the use of loan proceeds to support current activities. It is estimated that in the future savings will add up to from 1 million to 10 million rubles. A single information environment and the ability of employees to work remotely on construction sites in varied regions of the country allowed for the simultaneous information exchange. The project was completed in 2 stages and in a short 7-month time period.

The winner in the nomination of The best IT solution for managing the bank’s business activities became the project on budget control organization and automation of administrative and business activities at the Ak Bars PJSC bank, executed by the 1C-Rarus team from Kazan. As a result of the implementation of the 1C: Accounting and management of bank’s business activities, it became possible to reduce bank costs, strengthen control over the profitability level of each department, optimize the working hours of employees, improve the quality and reduce the time for report preparation automate the planning process, and control the expenses. 30 branch offices in the Russian Federation were automated during the project. The team automated and organized procurement activities and arranged the work of a tender platform in the shortest possible time.

The Project of the Year contest lasted for almost four months. Starting in October 2018, the Global CIO experts and the members of the community openly voted on the projects on the Internet. The projects gained almost 2700 votes and 1500 comments, which is twice the number from the last year. Thus, the contest clearly demonstrated the digitalization scale of the Russian business. The Project of the Year has become a real online platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of automation of different business industries.

The Awards Ceremony was attended by around 200 top managers from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar region, and other cities. There were IT CEOs, representatives of IT service providers, and client companies. Live discussion of the projects and public recognition of the colleagues created a special atmosphere, turning it into the Oscars-like event in the field of automation and implementation of corporate IT systems.

1C-Rarus received 4 prestigious awards in the IT industry at the Project of the Year 2018 Awards Ceremony

The photos belong to the official website of the Global CIO IT community.

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