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August 8, 2016

1C-Rarus automated an entertainment park of KidZania

1C-Rarus automated the Moscow-based educational park, KidZania. The following solutions served as the ground for the new system: 1C:Trade management, 1C:Accounting, 1C:Payroll and HR management and 1C:Document management. The new system helps control the number of sold tickets and indicators of the operational performance of the park, which allows precise financial reporting. The work schedule for over 500 employees is created by the special technique, while the document management ensures quick document approval.

KidZania is an interactive city made for children that combines inspiration, fun, and learning through realistic role-play, located in the Aviapark mall. Through ultrarealistic role-play, children can learn about different careers kids have the opportunity of having adult-like experiences while assuming the role of a surgeon or a police officer, a journalist or an archaeologist, a pilot, or a fireman. Role-play locations in KidZania replicate a real city and include its own hospital, university, airport, radio station, beauty salon, restaurants, and stores, just to mention a few. KidZania also has a system of getting citizenship, has its own language, the local currency of кидzо and even the anthem.

Initially known as La Ciudad de los Niños (City of Children), KidZania's first location opened in Mexico in 1999. Today, it’s the most fast-growing brand of learning through games, that includes 24 parks in 19 countries. Russia was the 18th country in the plan of expansion of the famous international entertainment brand. Moscow became the 21st city in the world that had KidZania. Such vast geography assumes having strict requirements for the way business is and requires having a strict reporting system.

From the very beginning, it was important for the top management of KidZania in Moscow to create a single system for automation of the business processes. These processes include ticket sales, automatic employee work scheduling and HR accounting.

KidZania entrusted 1C-Rarus with the implementation of this massive project. In a span of 3 months, the experts joined in a single system four important solutions: 1C:Trade management, 1C:Accounting, 1C:Payroll, and HR management and 1C:Document management. They also equipped the points of sales with trade equipment and took upon themselves responsibility on their technical maintenance. Integration with KidZania’s global operating system is one of the major features of the new system.

The implemented system allows management to track the statistics and dynamics of visiting, the popularity of the thematic sectors of the park, and the use of the supplies.

Children in KidZania turn into real professionals, and the park’s photographers help capture these moments. After that, parents can purchase their favorite photos in special terminals. An integration mechanism, that has been developed to confirm payment of orders for photographs, ensures the interaction of specialized software for photo terminals and the new system.

Iliya Spevak Iliya Spevak, the leading project manager in KidZania, notes:

Our expectations from the implementation were fully met. The 1C-Rarus specialists took into account the specifics of our business, to a certain extent unique to the Russian market, and improved the solutions according to our terms and wishes. Many people know how much time is required for the analysis of information and reporting. We must not forget about the human factor:  the mistakes made can affect the business in the most negative way, so even at the initial stage of opening, we decided to automate the main business processes. Every day, several hundred little guests and their parents visit our park. Optimization of the ticket sales process, as well as having up-to-date information about the park’s life, significantly saves staff time and provides the ability to plan activities in the short and long run.


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