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February 15, 2016

10 car dealerships representing 7 world famous automobile brands is now managed by the Alfa-Auto system

The Eurasia-Motors group of companies has chosen the Alfa-Auto system as a management tool. The project covered 10 car dealerships and almost 300 workplaces. The 1C-Rarus partner, RS Consult company, quickly and with high quality customized the Alfa-Auto solution to the client’s current business objectives, installed subsystems for tracking the working hours and customer relationship management. The modern program has been integrated into the current work of the company and, with no doubts, expanded the capabilities of its employees and led to a 5-time increase in the speed of data reception.

The Eurasia-Motors group of companies includes car dealerships of Renault, Peugeot, Nissan, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Datsun, and Mitsubishi. For a long time, the company used 1C: Enterprise 7.7. Complex supply as its accounting system. The management decided to modernize the information environment in the company. They have done the research on available systems with wide functional and industry capabilities. As a result, the company chose Alfa-Auto. The integrator was the 1C-Rarus’ partner, RS Consult company.

The project was deployed at 10 car dealerships of the Eurasia-Motors Group of Companies. RS Consult specialists automated nearly 300 workplaces, having implemented all existing Alfa-Auto subsystems, and also set up additional modules for time tracking and customer relationship management.

The system helped automate the processes of selling cars, trade-in, work with documents, and set up the logistics between auto centers. Customer support received information support. For each of the 10 dealerships, the implementation specialists made a personal adaptation of the customer relationship management module. The system automated processes of calls, email, and SMS mailings to customers for whom the ordered cars or parts have arrived. The customer service has been accelerated in general. It is important to note that dealer reporting is automated for each separate car brand!

The program made it possible to build an effective pricing system and a flexible system of discounts on all types of services provided. An analysis of the sales department performance is monitored using the Sales Pipeline. With its help, management evaluates the situation throughout the department as a whole, as well as the performance of each manager individually.

Automation of a body shop required the greatest number of program improvements. Today, the Alfa-Auto system helps maintain a standard record of consumables, control their release as part of a shift with automatic distribution of direct and indirect costs, specify the sets of paints and varnishes by type of paint, part to be painted, type of material and area of damage. Reports on the performance of warehouse specialists and colorists are generated by shifts, models, and types of painted parts.

The specialists set up the interaction of the Alfa-Auto program with the 1C:Accounting 8 system, spare parts and auto services selection tools, car dealership sites, programs for generating distribution reports and electronic document management.

As a result of the automation, the accounting transparency in the company increased and the quality of analytical works grew by several times. The interaction between employees has been enhanced and the reception of data has become 5-time faster.


Roman Pashnin Roman Pashnin, the Head of the car dealership, evaluated the project results as fully successful:

With the help of RS Consult specialists, the transition from the old system to Alfa-Auto had been carried out with minimal losses. We have received a transparent and intuitive accounting system for our activities. The specialists redesigned and optimized our company’s business processes, which helped reduce employee labor costs. The work-in-progress mechanism allowed warehouse specialists to constantly monitor the movement of spare parts in the locksmith's shop. A unique CRM subsystem adapted to our requirements has been made. We are pleased with the results of the transition and consider it appropriate. Our expectations are fully met.

Ivan Stremaus, the manager of the Peugeot car dealership, said:

The main goals of the transition to the new program were to accelerate performance, automate the car sales department, and implement CRM for selling cars. As a result, we achieved these goals. Additionally, the project specialists substantially improved our regular tools and developed new ones. We transferred as much information as possible from the old program, which allowed us to move to the new environment easily and with no issues.

Alexey Mikhailovich Lebedkin, the Head of the RENAULT car dealership, noted:

— We have been planning a transition to the Alfa-Auto program for a while since it had been introduced in many dealerships and is the de facto standard in the field of automotive business automation. Initially, accounting was done on our own program developed on the 1C platform, but the business does not stand still, and the existing software did not fully reflect our business processes and the requirements of the distributor. Thanks to the specialists of RS Consult, we successfully completed preliminary training and switched to the Alfa-Auto system. It’s important to understand that automation went in parallel in two of our branch offices. During the first month of work, we completely resolved all the transitional problems and are currently engaged in the development of the system to our specific needs.

About Eurasia-Motors

The history of Eurasia-Motors began in 1998. The group includes automobile brands that have been present on the Omsk and Omsk region market for more than 10 years. Today, the company unites 10 car dealerships, the Eurasia-Motors Expert auto service and 7 brands: Volkswagen, Nissan, Datsun, Hyundai, Renault, Mitsubishi, and Peugeot. The company's values ​​are directly related to maintaining a leading position in offers, technologies, services, professionalism, variety, customer-centric approach, high level of service, continuous development, creativity and love for what they do.

About the partner

RS Consults is a team of specialists, having over 12 years of experience in the development and support of 1C solutions. Client recommendations, successfully completed projects, and long-term maintenance contracts are at the heart of the company business:
The competencies of RS Consult are:

  • Software development based on 1C: Enterprise 8, including the development of standard and industry solutions, the development of own solutions, in particular for car dealerships and car services - dealers of cars and trucks, development of 1C solutions according to customer requirements, and implementation of projects in regions of Russia and Kazakhstan.
  • 1C support at enterprises and organizations of various difficulty levels (accounting, salary, operational activities (trade, warehouse), production).
  • Delivery of standard and industry 1C:Enterprise 8 solutions.

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