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April 18, 2018

1С-Рарус upgraded the official Volvo servicing center to the new sixth Alfa-Auto edition in 10 days

1C-Rarus team upgraded the official service Volvo center in Samara to its newly developed sixth Alfa-Auto edition in a record time of 10 days. The employees of the Volvo dealership in Samara use new functional and technical features of the configuration and platform. 

The World of Trucks service center, located at the entrance to Samara (Pridorozhny village), has been servicing customers and providing them with the real Volvo spare parts daily since 2010. Team of 15 employees and mechanics, trained in Volvo Trucks programs and methods, is capable of operating 15 semi-tractors and 3 road trains simultaneously. The Volvo spare parts warehouse of the service center offers customers the necessary and demanded auto parts and consumables. 

The Volvo dealer network needed a modern and scalable 1C software product, hence they chose the Alfa-Auto system. While growing its affiliate network, Volvo decided to ensure a quick transition of service centers from the fourth Alfa-Auto edition to the sixth. The World of Trucks became one of the first dealers to implement the configuration Alfa-Auto: Car dealership + Auto service + Auto parts in the 6th edition.

The new sixth software edition runs on the modern high-performance and scalable technological platform 1C: Enterprise 8.3. The solution offers the service center business new advanced automation features: management of the auto service scheduling, management of technical diagnostics, and tire storage.

1C-Rarus and Volvo Vostok have been partners for over nine years, during which 1C-Rarus has been helping automate the work of service centers. During this time, the Alfa-Auto: Car dealership + Auto service + Auto parts, developed by 1C-Rarus, has become a universal tool almost for the entire Volvo dealer network in Russia.

Aleksandr Popov, the CEO of the World of Trucks LLC, said:

— We are interested in using the complete functionality of the configuration, including the management of the service center’s workload. We’ve got a potential for using mobile devices and viewing reports from tablets.The previous implementation didn’t go smoothly. This time, we decided not to risk it and sent a request directly to the Alfa-Auto developer, 1C-Rarus. We expected to have professional training, quick implementation, a well-managed launch, and good support and maintenance.  We got all of that. We thank 1C-Rarus for the work on implementing the 1C configuration and Alfa-Auto solution in the 6th edition at the World of Trucks.

A tight deadline for the introduction of the new Alfa-Auto configuration was a specific requirement of the company. The 1C-Rarus team handled this task and completely upgraded the accounting system of the World of Trucks service center to a new edition in only 10 days, although the average timeframe for a similar project is 1-3 months. 1C-Rarus experts trained the service center employees to work in the new system and provided support at the initial stage. 10 workplaces were automated. The dispatchers, technicians, warehouse staff, head of the service center, and accountant/cashier work in the system on a shift-basis.

Gleb Abaimov, head of the Alfa-Auto projects in 1C-Rarus, noted:

— World of Trucks was mentally and technically ready for the upgrade. This ensured a good result. And, of course, our professional team gets credit. We have our methods and standards, which we follow to upgrade business from the earlier Auto-Alfa edition to the new one.

The partnership between 1C-Rarus and World of Trucks is ongoing. After having worked in the new system, the company is now ready to set the new tasks.

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